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Spiritual Life Empowerment

I am beginning to feel strongly that we are in the midst of WW3. A spiritual war. A war that is being waged directly for souls, energy, mind and it is being done by creating  extraordinary amounts fear. There has been much writing about this very thing. The galactic wars and the soul harvest(The Law… Continue reading Spiritual Life Empowerment


Practical Grounding(Earthing) and Clearing

A tree is strong and steady. It is this way due to its roots being firmly planted within the earth. A tree that grows the tallest has its roots deep in the earth. The same goes for our souls. In order to reach our highest potential we must be securely fastened to the Earth as… Continue reading Practical Grounding(Earthing) and Clearing


News Flash

I have been looking around with a discerning eye this past week. And, I am very disturbed by what I am seeing. I see many people following...or dare I say idolizing many spiritual people. I see people stealing other people's work, I see others aggressively selling things purely to make more money. I feel that… Continue reading News Flash