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January Blues

"Acknowledging parts of traumatic experiences is a painful realization. It is also necessary for our growth. Signed, Dark Night of the Soul" Aurora Skye "I was thinking a couple of days ago that January has been a Gray Night of the Soul for me." Chanin Zellner Image: Positively Present Blog I myself have been… Continue reading January Blues

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What are you feeling today?

I am feeling a bit of "Dark Night of the Soul" energy today. Ultimately, it feels like disconnection from myself. I recognize that it is only temporary. I know that I am never disconnected, it may only feel that way during a rest period or the ebb, of the ebb and flow of life. I… Continue reading What are you feeling today?

Ascension, consciousness, Dark Night of the soul, multidimensional, spiritual

Disconnected or Something Else?

First, its not possible to be disconnected. People have been feeling like they are on their own these days. And I completely understand. With 3 eclipses, the moon phases and up to 6 planets in retrograde, at times, it has been an intense last 30 days. Space weather, solar wind, solar flares have been relatively… Continue reading Disconnected or Something Else?