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Back to Basics ~ Star Races

I remember a friend getting me a holographic photo of a lion for my birthday in 2013. I was a bit confused by this, since I am a Scorpio. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful photo and I put it up in my kitchen so I could see it any time I went in there. In… Continue reading Back to Basics ~ Star Races

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You are THE ONE you are waiting for!

As the journey shifts, so too does our perspective. 💜Our current name is all that matters. Here is a statement to help to reconnect with your name, if you choose or guided, if this resonates. "I__name_ place myself_name__into a Full Court of Atonement. I bring in each and every level of my consciousness, Source and… Continue reading You are THE ONE you are waiting for!

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Final Full Moon of 2020

As we quickly approach the full moon this month on December 29th at 7:28 pm Pacific Time, it is definitely a great time to reflect on 2020. A full moon is always an amazing time to look back on life from the previous month and beyond. It is a time to evaluate what has "worked"… Continue reading Final Full Moon of 2020

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12 12, Solstice

About a week ago I started feeling the energy of 1212 beginning to peak through. The energy will shake you up, to wake you up, to bring you exactly to where you are meant to be. If, you stop struggling. Go with the flow, honor your feelings. Have patience, and trust you will know when… Continue reading 12 12, Solstice

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Unmasked Beliefs

If you believe that to be true, then it will be. The universe will continue to send you signs to support any belief you have. The ultimate truth of the Law of Attraction. You are not being rewarded or punished, the universe is responding to your true vibrational state. There is no hiding your true… Continue reading Unmasked Beliefs

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Being Human & Spirit

It is all an ongoing process. Growth and expansion, embodiment and integration they are all infinite. You get to choose. Practical application of spiritual knowledge to your life will bring wisdom to your being-ness as a human. Key point….we are human currently. Not in energetic form. Peace, love, blessings Terrance McKenna said "There is nobody… Continue reading Being Human & Spirit

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Observation!I feel that the 144000 was one of the original blueprints in this universe. Meaning that every soul is an energetic expression of that. Therefore, we are the ones we are waiting for. We are all an energetic peice of the 144000. Not to mention, our personal monad contains 144 souls. Coincidence, I think not!… Continue reading Separation?….144000