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Awakening and Rising

Well now that has been the craziest energy shift I have experienced so far. Anyone else feel that? Wild is all I can say! It felt like reaching into the soul of world, an unraveling of the the most detrimental energy. A coming through the void, a lifting of malicious veils that have been plaguing… Continue reading Awakening and Rising


Shifting into the body…A few thoughts.

I am really getting back into my body. All this out in the cosmos is not serving anyone on this planet. I have been awakening to the reality of this for a while now, like a year almost. We need to be here, where we are, present to ourselves and the people around us. I… Continue reading Shifting into the body…A few thoughts.

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Disconnected or Something Else?

First, its not possible to be disconnected. People have been feeling like they are on their own these days. And I completely understand. With 3 eclipses, the moon phases and up to 6 planets in retrograde, at times, it has been an intense last 30 days. Space weather, solar wind, solar flares have been relatively… Continue reading Disconnected or Something Else?

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The Dark Night of the Soul, Alternate Perspective

I had heard about the Dark Night of the Soul in various places, but I had also read about the universal laws. I knew at some level everything can be shifted or transmutted into something else because it was all energy. And we never really are disconnected from our higher guidance, it only feels that… Continue reading The Dark Night of the Soul, Alternate Perspective