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Anchoring Cosmic Energy onto the Planet.

There are many here on the planet who are working on Ley Lines/Dragon Lines, the grid workers. There are many here who are clearing their vessels(body) in order to be a conduit for the anchoring of the ever increasing intense Cosmic Energy washing over the planet. There are mystics, adepts, teachers, readers, Language of Light… Continue reading Anchoring Cosmic Energy onto the Planet.

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I'm not for everyone and neither are you. As we evolve to newer versions of ourselves we may lose some people who used to be there with us. The older versions of ourselves definitely needed those people in our lives at the time. It's ok to learn, heal and grow. It's ok to expand to… Continue reading Ah-ha!

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Back to Basics ~ Intentions

I have been reflecting on the use words. Specifically, release. Intention - a thing intended or an aim or plan. Your goal, purpose, or aim is your intention. It's something you mean to do, whether you pull it off or not.  A pure intention refers to a future or current action a person plans(manifests) that is for… Continue reading Back to Basics ~ Intentions

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Unmasked Beliefs

If you believe that to be true, then it will be. The universe will continue to send you signs to support any belief you have. The ultimate truth of the Law of Attraction. You are not being rewarded or punished, the universe is responding to your true vibrational state. There is no hiding your true… Continue reading Unmasked Beliefs

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Being Human & Spirit

It is all an ongoing process. Growth and expansion, embodiment and integration they are all infinite. You get to choose. Practical application of spiritual knowledge to your life will bring wisdom to your being-ness as a human. Key point….we are human currently. Not in energetic form. Peace, love, blessings Terrance McKenna said "There is nobody… Continue reading Being Human & Spirit

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You are Worthy

Forgiveness of self. You didn't know then, what you know now. You deserve peace. You are worthy. You are 100% responsible for making amends with your own heart and mind. Be gentle with yourself, these wounds may have been around a long time. ⚘ With Grace and Ease, we will get through this together Jenn… Continue reading You are Worthy

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Choosing Life, Love and Humanity

When will humanity as a collective decide. When will we decide that all life, not only human life is worth preserving. When will we decide all life on this planet, all sentient beings have value. When will we decide enough war, distruction, chaos, corruption, greed, money and profits will not sustain all life on this… Continue reading Choosing Life, Love and Humanity