Practical Grounding(Earthing) and Clearing

A tree is strong and steady. It is this way due to its roots being firmly planted within the earth. A tree that grows the tallest has its roots deep in the earth. The same goes for our souls. In order to reach our highest potential we must be securely fastened to the Earth as well as connected to our higher power( God, the Universe, Source, Creator etc) The heart is a strong electromagnetic field and is an amazing place to ground and connect from.

This is a grounding technique I found that is practiced by Opheana and Sikaal.


Close your eyes take a few deep cleansing breaths. Relax into your own heart. Expand your heart energy to 6 feet around your body in a sphere. Feel your wonderful heart energy. Now, drop that energy from your heart through all chakras below your heart into the core of Gaia. Breathe in the earth energy with a cleansing breath. Come back to your heart center and send an energy connection to the highest available light to you. This will create a pillar 6 feet around with you securely connected to earth and to Source. Breathe up and down your pillar from earth to Source, Source to earth. This anchoring technique helped me tremendously in the past few months.


In conjunction with keeping your own personal energy bodies free and clear of energy that does not belong to you, these things seem to be very effective. Clearing thought forms or mental energy, emotional energy, physical energy or pain that is picked up from others is essential for an empath. Every time you feel something that is not usual to you then ask for it to be removed if it is detrimental to your highest good.

I ask that the energy that does not belong to me be removed from my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Please replace the energy that is removed with the highest available energy to me.

I ask that this be done automatically at 11:11 each day as well as grounding and connecting to source. I ask for my energy to be removed from people places and things that are no longer for my highest good.

This can be done as many times throughout the day you feel necessary and know that if you forget that your spirit will do it for you at 11:11.

In addition you can ask for your personal merkaba ir light body vehicle to be activated. This will assist greatly with your personal growth and expansion.

These are great practices I have used for years and I hope they will be able to assist many who are struggling with their own healing, nevermind all the energy from the people around us that are struggling in their own way as well.


Much Love and Many Blessings

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