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8~8~2022 Lion’s Gate

The Lion's Gate Portal opens between July 26 and August 12, but peaks on August 8, which is also known as the Galactic New Year. Lion's Gate portal is a yearly happening that many astrologers believe brings abundance and prosperity, its a perfect time to manifest your dreams. Beginning new projects and creative ventures will… Continue reading 8~8~2022 Lion’s Gate

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Back to Basics Series ~ Divination Tools

Divination has been used for thousands of years in many different forms and cultures all around the world. This is a way to connect with your soul or Spirit in order to receive information about the past, present and future. These tools can be used to assist in receiving information through the readers senses and… Continue reading Back to Basics Series ~ Divination Tools

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Back to Basics Series ~ Claire Senses/Intuitive Abilities

Clairvoyance The meaning is clear vision. This is the ability to see people places, things, or an event. You may also see orbs or flashes of light. A person may see symbols which will need some interpretation based on the other things the may be seeing at the time. Often the interpretation is based on… Continue reading Back to Basics Series ~ Claire Senses/Intuitive Abilities

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Back to Basics Series ~ Personal Energy

Personal Energetic Clearing Here you will be speaking to an energetically higher version of yourself or your energetic team as you ask for clearing. Emotional Energy As you can clearly see from the ascending and descending spirals on the emotional scale( photo below) they do have an effect on your personal vibration. Look at the… Continue reading Back to Basics Series ~ Personal Energy

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8-8 Lion’s Gate 2021

As we move closer to the Lion's Gate on August 8, which has already begun to open up, we see increasing levels of intensity individually, for society and the collective. We are seeing more and more chaos and peace. Depending on individual awareness. Globally we are seeing a greater awakening for some, a shift in… Continue reading 8-8 Lion’s Gate 2021

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Spiritual Life Empowerment

I am beginning to feel strongly that we are in the midst of WW3. A spiritual war. A war that is being waged directly for souls, energy, mind and it is being done by creating  extraordinary amounts fear. There has been much writing about this very thing. The galactic wars and the soul harvest(The Law… Continue reading Spiritual Life Empowerment

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Awakening More and More

We all have been doing this since the beginning of time. Only in different forms. We are all made up of energy of the universe. We will continue to do this as long as energy exists. There are infinite possibilities for evolution of our little peice of cosmic energy.Only to awaken and remember what our… Continue reading Awakening More and More

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Next Steps to Awakening

I have seen many people awakening quite quickly and having great difficulty. It is quite normal for people to awaken and spend their time researching and exploring all the spiritual information available in FB groups, on Google and from other people they seek out or find along their way. Every person has a small peice… Continue reading Next Steps to Awakening