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Cosmic Message

You are here to allow the Cosmic purpose of the universe to unfold. You are loved, supported and needed to bring your innate energy to this grand game. To eliminate the shadows, veils and illusions. To embody your own unique blueprint, to be who you are at the very core of your being. The journey… Continue reading Cosmic Message

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Spiritual Life Empowerment

I am beginning to feel strongly that we are in the midst of WW3. A spiritual war. A war that is being waged directly for souls, energy, mind and it is being done by creating  extraordinary amounts fear. There has been much writing about this very thing. The galactic wars and the soul harvest(The Law… Continue reading Spiritual Life Empowerment

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You are Worthy

Forgiveness of self. You didn't know then, what you know now. You deserve peace. You are worthy. You are 100% responsible for making amends with your own heart and mind. Be gentle with yourself, these wounds may have been around a long time. ⚘ With Grace and Ease, we will get through this together Jenn… Continue reading You are Worthy