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Leading up to the Summer Solstice and Eclipse April/May ~ Reading

I feel that some attention must be given to the upcoming eclipses in this new moon/full cycle. On April 19th, we have an eclipse coming up with this new moon. On May 5th at 11:34 a.m., the full moon will also have a Lunar eclipse. The next pair of eclipses will be in October 2023.… Continue reading Leading up to the Summer Solstice and Eclipse April/May ~ Reading

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Harmonic Resonance

Deep breaths in and long exhales, using crystals and sound healing tools, creating art and writing. Creating harmonic balance between soft and strong, being and doing, ebb and flow masculine and feminine. Putting into practice the mental and emotional transmutation skills of an Alchemist. Being an Alchemist, turning the lead of this existence into the… Continue reading Harmonic Resonance

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Back to Basics Series ~ Universal/Natural/Spiritual Laws

There are seven Universal Laws or Principles by which everything in the Universe is governed. The Universe exists in perfect harmony by virtue of these Laws. Ancient mystical, esoteric and secret teachings dating back over 5,000 years from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece and to the Vedic tradition of Ancient India, all have as their… Continue reading Back to Basics Series ~ Universal/Natural/Spiritual Laws

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Harm to None, Including Self

Good day! As mercury retrograde ends I have experienced a deep sadness. I felt some energy that was not usual for me. As I noticed this feeling I asked to clear all energy from my fields that did not belong to me. I also asked my higher self to remove all energy I was experiencing… Continue reading Harm to None, Including Self

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Creating a New Collective Narrative

Try this out. Put your name where it says name and see how it feels. Intentions and combined energy will make it more effective I "name" place myself "name into a Full Court of Atonement with the entirety of all entities incarnated in human form in this moment for the purpose of searching out and… Continue reading Creating a New Collective Narrative

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Energy Update Reading

Post Lion's Gate Portal and continuing into September Transformation is a continuous process. There is no one who is ever "done" healing or done evolving. Transformation is always happening when we are open to change. Change is one thing that is inevitable, question is, are we flowing with it? When we transform ourselves it is… Continue reading Energy Update Reading

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Ancient Song…Yantara Jiro Language of Light

I first listened to this in 2013 about 10 times the first time. I now know that I was integrating the energy and vibration into my existence. I knew at some level that this song would help me greatly along my journey. I ket listening to it until I was able to focus for the… Continue reading Ancient Song…Yantara Jiro Language of Light