News Flash

I have been looking around with a discerning eye this past week. And, I am very disturbed by what I am seeing.

I see many people following…or dare I say idolizing many spiritual people. I see people stealing other people’s work, I see others aggressively selling things purely to make more money.

I feel that the society is moving away from the systems but hoping that others with a bit of knowledge they have found on the internet are going to save them. People who have taken a few courses and are presenting themselves as experts. People who have learned one technique and are out to make money.

People who have not healed their own story. People who have not done the research, who have not discovered their own way of doing things that WORKED for them. Cause really, they haven’t completely used it on themselves to gain the wisdom.


The only person who is going to save you, is you. There isn’t a magic wand, or potion, there isn’t a quick fix. It takes work, it takes personal work and growth to heal and discover who you are deep down below all the layers of crap that have been added by this lifetime. No amount of happy thoughts will combat the deep agonizing pain that is at the bottom of your heart.

If you don’t feel the pain, you cannot heal it. If you don’t see the whole entire situation you cannot grow from it. You don’t learn by pretending everything is butterflies and roses and love and light.

It’s great to find a technique, it’s even greater to use that technique for your own healing, it’s even greater to discover new ways to use that technique. Using them is where you attain wisdom. Sharing the tools you find, is even better with a little explanation about how you have healed yourself using them. That’s what will benefit others.

I have no problem with people making money from their creations. In fact their are many healers who undervalue themselves, myself included.

I have said since I started doing healing work, I don’t want repeat customers. I want to give people the skills and tools they need. I want to help them discover their own strenghts and empower them to get where they would like to be. That being said, I know that I can provide them with the tools, but I can’t make them use them. All I can ever tell people is what has worked for me, and how I used the tools to get where I am.

I would love nothing more than to share everything I have learned with everyone. I also know that I can’t force people to heal.

We all have a unique purpose here on this rock, and we cannot authentically provide that purpose until we have dragged up, balanced, cried, screamed, hurt, smiled, and laughed about our own life. Until we have made, unmade, remade, destroyed, rebuilt, experienced the death of our old self and rebirthed our even stronger, more courageous self, filled up our cup of personal power, fell to the very depths and sprung to the heights of the eagle, we cannot truly say we have healed and are ready to help other because our own cup is overflowing the brim with authentic, pure, humble blessings we are choosing to share with others. We have become whole within our own self.

I don’t claim to be perfect, I never have been and I certainly never will be. I am perfectly perfect, in my imperfections in this human body. I do the very best I can do, at this current moment, every moment.


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