Spirit Love Studio is a deep dive into the energy into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Guidance through the vast energetic system of ourselves and the Cosmos.

Jenn offers unique perspectives. Gain clarity and awareness. Realize you have choices and you are able to make them.

Cosmic Healing/Alignment, Ascension Activations ~ Opening up a space for yourself to expand and grow. Clearing Energy in Chakras and Aura, Cutting Cords, Activation and Upgrades for higher energetic learning and evolution. Opening up to new levels of vibration. As you are ready at a soul level. Assisting you to move forward.

Soul/Spirit exploration ~ Starseed Blueprint Reading of the different levels of our being that make up who you are in this lifetime and beyond.

Deep Dive Emotional Session ~ Are you brave enough and fearless enough to look at your own personal emotional baggage?

Awakening Basics Mentorship ~ Helping to connect and integrate spiritual ideas into a practical and useful day to day experience. How the energy of ourselves and experiences can become more aligned with our true nature.

Learn some new meditation tools and energy techniques, find a direction that works for you or find some new resources to help you move further along your journey of evolution.

©2014-2022 Jenn Moreau


Have failed to mention, today that I think about you and how much information you have on your website and how it might take the rest of my life to actually go through some of that stuff? Wow I love what you do and you do it well. You know about the history of humanity. Don’t you? Sweetheart you just shaved millenia of time off the..(I think it’s called a Yuga cycle. I could be wrong) Major shift aye..

Richard Alamanza

I recently had a session with Jenn, the universe is vast and navigating this can bring challenges and rewards. Having been a bit stalled in my path I had the pleasure of meeting Jenn and subsequently had a reading. This has given me the opportunity to understand my journey and connection more and have been given some amazing information/resources to continue on my journey. Thank you to Jenn!

Lesley Breton Frank