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Back to Basics Series ~ Personal Energy

Personal Energetic Clearing

Here you will be speaking to an energetically higher version of yourself or your energetic team as you ask for clearing.

Emotional Energy As you can clearly see from the ascending and descending spirals on the emotional scale( photo below) they do have an effect on your personal vibration. Look at the words in the photo and see how these emotions effect your life and energy. Physical, mental and emotional energy of our day to day life will have effects on our physical or energetic system. The clearing above will help eliminate energy that does not belong to you and still allow for the personal energy that needs to be seen, felt and acknowledged so we can begin to heal parts of ourself. We must identify what belongs to us in order to accurately deal with our own emotions. This also takes some practice. • • • • •

Ask yourself is this mine, if the answer is NO,  then there is no need to identify who it belongs to.  If the answer is YES, then identify what emotion it is…guilt, shame, anger, judgement etc.  Doing this also requires some honesty with yourself. Identify why you are feeling this way again honesty with yourself. Then feel what it feels like once it’s identified Now you are ready to release the emotion, it’s not that you will never feel it again, but you will be better able to handle it next time. All of these things put together and giving yourself a little bit of time and focus will help you clear your energy and raise your vibrations. Everything  begins with some personal awareness and a bit of work, self care and love.

Mental Energy – now I feel here is a good time to mention that meditation and the various ways of helping you to become a master of your mind rather than a slave to it. • • • • • • –Slow down, one thing at a time, limit multitasking. –Be aware of what’s going others through your mind…judging criticism towards yourself or others. –Stay present or focus fully on a task, no distractions as much as possible. –Observe your mind challenge it to see what the next thought is. Start slow with meditation, 2 min, then 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, 1 hour maybe. –Focus on your breath breathe consciously. 4 second inhale and 6 second exhale. You can release energy this way with your intention. “In with the light out with any dense or trapped energy.” Pause, count to 10 before you respond to a situation.

Emotional energy and Mental energy a challenge for most people. Empaths tend to pick up energy from other people, aches and pains, thoughts and emotions. Our multidimensional nature often makes it a challenge discerning our spiritual energy. Physical body energy needs attention as well.

“They” are not reading your mind! They are reading the energy that is out in your aura or energy body!

Energy Cords – We all have these energetic connections to people. Some may be loving and some may be toxic. Some may drain our energy and some can energize us. There are some energy cords that are good like family and friends. Thr are also not so good ones like exes, co-workers, I am sure you can think of a few. These can come as situations we keep rehashing, unexplained pain or feelings. Often, we can think of someone and they will call. It’s hard to tell who thought of who first. Almost impossible to know. I’m sure there have been many opportunities you can think of where something like this happened. Might, be energy cords, could be telepathy as well.

Here is an excellent cord cutting meditation you can also use.

To clear energy cords you can simply ask that all cords be removed that are no longer for your highest good. You can visualize yourself standing there and see the cords you may have and see a sword or scissors, even chainsaw cutting the cords you don’t need. You can also visualize the cords dissolving. There is no wrong way, only the way that works for you. You are responsible for your own evolution. If you need help ask someone who resonates with you. But, doing the work is always your job. No one can do ir for you.

May you find grace and ease along your journey


Excellent montage of video meditations for many different things to do with personal energy.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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