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Next Steps to Awakening

I have seen many people awakening quite quickly and having great difficulty.

It is quite normal for people to awaken and spend their time researching and exploring all the spiritual information available in FB groups, on Google and from other people they seek out or find along their way. Every person has a small peice of the puzzle as we navigate this vast energetic playing field.

I have put together some resources I have found over the years. And some that have come to me though channeled and divination exploration. I have been asking personal growth questions since I really started focusing on how to get through this existence. As I researched and began remembering more and more, I was able to ask more pointed questions towards ascension/evolution.

May people struggle with the duality based energy in 4D (4th Dimension). This is a brief description and not complete by far. 3D is our physical existence, 4D is a realm that contains all energy, it is the astral or beginning of the spiritual unseen worlds. All is dimensions contain the aspects of the infinite, but these aspects are often not completely as there are distractions or lessons to be learned, or remembering to happen at these levels of reality. Then we have the 5th dimension. Which is where many are aiming for in their spiritual journey. All of these dimensions are not physical places they are vibrational levels. Once we are able to “break out” of the vast energy entertainment of 4D then the journey becomes a little more peaceful and potentially more exciting. We begin to manifest more easily, we are channeling more often without even knowing. We tap into the vast consciousness of the cosmos. Often discovering our Starseed origins, galactic federations, higher energetic collectives. Grounding is always important as we still currently exist in this 3D reality.

We all have the potential to discover our multidimensional nature and bring those energy vibrations into our existence. Breaking through the barrier of the 4D astral realm is possible for many souls in this lifetime. Raising our vibration is a wonderful way to do this. Personal work, inner child healing, or shadow work is a good place to start. (There are many other articles on this site for doing that work.) By no means do I feel my drawing below is complete or totally accurate. I am sure there are puzzle pieces that I still don’t have in this area. I found myself drawing this quite often for people when I did readings for them. I felt it was time to share. Just as the cosmic landscape is infinite so are the levels of personal and collective soul development. This can be an overwhelming concept to grasp. We are never done, always moving infinitely towards our personal evolution. There are possibilities of development in this lifetime and you can always exceed you goals. You are not restricted in this area. I remember saying to myself I will learn/remember everything, I will master spiritual development. I am working towards that bold statement I made early on. Knowing full well, everything to know is impossible to store in my brain. That is where connection with the Universal Life Force energy or channeling comes in handy. The information comes through you.

A Cosmic view of dimensions as it pertains to individual and collective soul evolution. Our one inch up a ten inch ladder in this planetary existence.

Activation of your personal Merkaba will help you easily access this multidimensional energy and in a “safe” way. It is your light body, your most beneficial ascension tool, it can be a vehicle for travel through the realms. It helps you quickly move through the dimensions as you access different vibrational levels of information. When I was learning to trust the safety of the Merkaba I would ask for my Merkaba to be activated at 11:11 each day. I would also do a complete enery clearing in the morning after sleeping/accessing night time travel and again before I started my day. clearing any detrimental energy from the day so I would be ready for the sleep time multidimensional travel and learning. There is an article called Daily Empath Clearing to help with the wording for energy clearing. The Merkaba is a representation of merged masculine and feminine energy within yourself as well. A balance of your own personal energy. Which I have included here for additional information.

Below is an energetic encoded drawing that you can meditate/breath and feel the energy of. If you soften your gaze and breath you will notice sensations within the body and pick up feelings that the drawing with spark in you energy systems, chakras and auric field. This may take a few times of sitting with the Language of Light drawing or it may happen instantly. This will be different for everyone. If you have an adverse reaction then come back to it at a later time. It may not be for you at this time. A day, a week, or a month later possibly even a few hours later. Our energy is changing in every moment. Our soul development is happening so quickly these days. Even when you think you are stuck or blocked, you may experience change even though you don’t are.

Language of Light coded Merkaba activation and grounding and integration of this new information.

I included a visual of what a Merkaba looks like with your body fully inside and safe. To activate your Merkaba simply ask for it to happen. You have the power to choose evolution for yourself. With your intention or motivation you can move closer and closer to your true birthright of remembering who you are at the very core of your being. Remember there is always more. Every person you meet has another peice of the puzzle.

Lightbody Merkaba Ascension Vehicle depicted.
Posted by Kristal Hardy on FB
Choosing is in your hands.

The ancients knew very well how the universe works and shared it through their artwork that we still can see today.

The very fabric of space-time (or space-memory) on the Planck scale is granular and is organized in a tetrahedral geometric structure. It is therefore not surprising to see these symbols flourish everywhere on the planet for millennia, in all cultures and civilizations, because they indicate the knowledge on the part of elites or shamanic caste (shamans, druids, brahmans, etc.) of this fundamental geometric symmetry of societies.

Stay grounded and connected. Deeply within the earth in this reality and connected to the light (information) beyond the astral canopy. Ask for help from your energetic team to bring this through to you.

A good meditation I found for moving forward, creating a new narrative. Hope you enjoy this one.


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