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Multidimensional Monadic Merge

As our human selves begin to merge at a soul level with our monad and soul extensions often we experience medical issues that have not necessarily been prominent in the past. We also experience a feeling of when is this clearing going to end. At this point we often come to a feeling that enough is enough. A shift in our thinking is often needed. The understanding of the monad will help many with this feeling. A monad is a personal gridwork. We have a monad and we also belong to a monad, many actually. Here is that number 144. 144 souls make up our personal collective monadic energy of our I Am Presence. We have 12 soul extensions and that group of 12 also has 12 each. As you can see from the photo below.
As you can see with the 12 soul extensions and including yourself that total would be 13. 13 would be the number I associate with the higher self, or spirit self. 13 is also a taboo number in society, but it’s also the number in the photo of the last supper. (a bit of trivia)

Ascension In This Lifetime~The Merkaba, the Antahkarana, the 12 Rays, your Monad and the Mahatma Energy

This phase often happens as we are beginning to experience our multidimensionality a bit more than we have in the past. I am finding that more and more people have been quickly finding theirselves at this place along their path. Some have already experienced this but didnt have an explanation for it.(1st wave) Others are currently experiencing it(2nd wave) and others still have yet to experience it.(3rd wave) And then there are some souls who will not experience this in this lifetime possibly.
There is a range within each of the waves. Not everyone will experience at the same time even within each of the waves. We are all in this together, there is no need for me to break this down any further. Let me state here, that all this comes down to one thing Ascension/Evolution. WHICH OCCURS NATURALLY WITH NO INTERFERENCE FROM YOU. Evolution is a naturally occurring event that can spontaneously and naturally happen at exactly the time it is meant to for YOU and OTHERS. Often this causes anxiety as people have no idea what is happening. People who are aware they are EMPATHS have an especially difficult time as senses are heightened and you basically become overwhelmed more easily.We are all the brothers and sisters of the 144,000, our ancient lineage that we are awakening to.Always good to add some resources.

We are multidimensional beings. Slide along the “consciousness scale” or through dimensions with every person we speak to. We are all at different “levels”. We do this without even knowing. We access different bits of our knowledge or wisdom to blend in wherever we are. We all do this both consciously or unconsciously.


There is a point that you feel that you are clearing and stuck in a loop of healing. An explanation is you are clearing for the collective, past lives, family lineages, for your monad, etc. In reality you may be stuck in a constant healing comfort zone.

I am guilty of this thinking as well. I had a huge ah-ha moment when I decided to live life and allow healing opportunities to arise naturally and be addressed, seen, heard, meditated on, reflected upon at appropriate times for me. When I was at home, or driving. Any alone time I had really.


If you are looking for a bit more of a deep dive into some very interesting early work by a true first wave wayshower this is an amazing read.
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