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Back to Basics Series ~ Claire Senses/Intuitive Abilities

Clairvoyance The meaning is clear vision. This is the ability to see people places, things, or an event. You may also see orbs or flashes of light. A person may see symbols which will need some interpretation based on the other things the may be seeing at the time. Often the interpretation is based on what they know themselves and their perceptions. When receiving information from a person’s vision you may have a total knowing or feeling of what is the meaning of symbols person is seeing. You are seeing it from your perspective and understanding of what those symbols mean to you.

Clairaudience The meaning is clear hearing. This also includes telepathic communication. Clear hearing will be things that you hear within your own mind. Sounds made by inanimate objects, trees, ethereal or astral sounds like voices or music, guides, angels or even phrases from passed love ones. Possibly even knocking, whispering, footsteps, you may experience ringing in your ears . This is often where the skill of automatic writing comes from as well.

Clairtangency This Clair is about touch and similar to psychometry. It is the ability to hold an object in your hand and receive information about the object. You may experience emotions, see symbols or even a picture of the history. This can also be done with another human since all our history is contained in our electromagnetic field.

Clairsentience This is clear feeling. With this Clair it is much like being an empath. A person will be able to feel thoughts, emotions, pain, or even the energy of a deceased person. With all the Claires you will be able it increase you ability to experience them with a bit of practice. Trust that initial gut feeling and you are half way there.

Clairegustance and Clairescent or Clairsalience Gustance is tasting and scent or salience is clear smell. These can be explained by when you are smelling or tasting something and you don’t have that thing around you or in your own mouth or nose. These 2 things happen less frequently to people. They often linked to when you are thinking of or connecting to a deceased loved a mediumship type experience. You may get a taste of someone’s favorite food, or smell flowers or perfume. It can also be intuition messages to contact someone the smell or taste is reminding you of.

Claircognizance This is clear intuitive knowing. This is a knowing without any explanation or reason for a person knowing these things. There is no restriction on what can be experienced with a clear vessel. There is no past or future since they are all happening simultaneously. A person’s ability to tune in to the information or access the vibration is limited only by their beliefs and consciousawareness. Willingness to access the information for the highest good of all involved and the imagination to think of the endless possibilities available.

Humor is great for healing!

There are other clairsenses that have been identified and explained, these are simply the most common ones. Please feel free to explore others if you feel drawn to the subject. *Emily Matweow website *Psychic Library *

Ways to practice using your intuition and connection.

1. Claircognizant/Intuition

Being a claircognizant or intuitive, you have the ability to know if and what needs to be done in a situation without any solid evidence or rationale behind it.
Intuition is something we all are capable of accessing. Much like muscles it is something to practice. Take a deep breath, set your intention to connect with your intuitive ability and as you rest in stillness.

2. Psychometry

The psychometric is the ability receive information and energy from objects, photographs, or locations that are significant to a person.
It is good to start with objects that you don’t necessarily know the history of, but you are able to get confirmation from another person.
Impressions you get may relate situations or past events with inanimate objects. You may be able to access the energy from an inanimate object to receive information and impressions about it. This may may be impressions about the production of the object, or the origin of the materials it is made from or people connected to the object.

3. Plant/Flora Communication

The ability to communicate with plants and receive their signals, is a subtle vibration of energy.
You can sense what plants need and can even communicate with plants on a more intimate level. The ability to access the plants’ energy to help plants stay alive, grow and prosper. If plants are in danger, the flora empath is able to communicate this with the plants. There might even be a human name the plant will share with you.

4. Animal/Fauna Communication

This pertains to the ability to feel and the ability to communicate with animals. Animals send out the energy of their needs. Often we pick up on this energy without even knowing. Animals are very sensitive to the energy around them. The response animals make to individuals is often related to the energy a person is putting out into the world. Feeling safe with a person opens the connection with animals. This energy is also a subtle vibration and will take some practice.

5. Geomancy/Earth Communication

A geomancy has the ability to read signs and get signals from the soil or earth. This type of communication can show up as sensitivity or reading and feeling future natural disasters or energy shifts. It could be feeling volcanoes or earthquakes and where they may hit in the earth. When or if you are feeling this you could look at a map and see what area you feel the disruption will occur.

6. Telepathy

Telepathy is the sending or receiving of mental energy between people. This can happen consciously or unconsciously. Sending a Telepathic message is from masculine energy(sending or giving) and receiving that message is from feminine energy. We can also pick up on mental energy that is simply sitting in the auric field. Prime example of telepathy and intuition is someone thinks about you and calls you. As you answer you say oh, I was just thinking about you. It is often difficult to discern which person initiated the energetic connection or telepathy or intuitive information that made that connection. There was also an action that was taken(the phone call) towards that intuitive information.

7. Precognition

The precognition is the ability to feel a situation or event occur prior to it actually happening. This can be seen through dreams of extreme emotional and physical upheaval possibly. Each person will respond differently to seeing these events.

Precognitive persons may experience a sudden sense of anxiety and nervousness and their intuition becomes intensified or heightened. This can be linked to personal situations or with close family. It could also be seeing random events that are in other places around the world. It could be earth events as well.

8. Psychic Abilities

A psychic has the ability to read energy of people, places and things through symbols, colors, energy in a person’s aura, hearing messages. At different times we all may experience little tiny glimpses of these abilities. We may not know what it is or how it happens. It is often dismissed as a fluke or that we are crazy or it’s a coincidence that we got that insight.

9. Mediumship

The medium is able to communicate, hear, see or feel different spirits or passed love ones. They are able to communicate with those who are no longer with us.

At times, mediums are able to see spirits and communicate one-on-one with the spirit. This communication can happen in many different ways. Much like how a psychic reads physical, mental and emotional signs in their body, symbols, or energy a medium will receive this energy about the soul they are communicating with.

10. Seeing Auras This link is the one I used to practice seeing my own aura. There is so much information out there in books and online to help you with the colors that you may see. I have included some of the colors in the article about crystals. Here is one explanation of colors in the photo below. Aura colors will shift throughout the day or even more frequently depending on what a person is experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually.

Somewhere to start with understanding colors you may see in an aura.

11. Remote Viewing This is a skill that you can practice as well. The intention of where you would like to go is key. You do this during meditation or during guided meditation. You can imagine a quantum field (completely white room with no walls is an example) or an agreed upon spot to meet up with other people, masters, angels etc. You each will see what you think the space will look like, but you will be able to see and or feel the presence of others. I use this during healing sessions to see energy distortions for the other person or during grid work(future article) I have also used this for past energetic missions to clear detrimental energy or for healing missions with other human souls. You can see a visual representation of them or an energetic view of them.

I am sure there are more Intuitive Abilities. These are the few I have listed. We all have the potential to use all of these tools. Some we may be stronger with. Some will require practice. Some we may have access to these different skills at different points in our journey. I remember someone asking me to connect with his mother, I said I don’t do that. He persisted and I ended up telling him the name and message I received and it was his mother’s name and he was thrilled with the message. I don’t consider myself a medium, but I was able to do it. Another time a person asked if I could do something and I said, I don’t know let’s try it. And they received the information they were looking for. (I don’t remember the specifics) The woman who taught me Reiki was helping me connect by handing me items and seeing the impression I was receiving. She grabbed and avocado pit and before she even brought it to me I said it’s green and brown and connected to the earth. Amazing how energy works.

If you would like to practice any of these skills I recommend you ground your energy. Grounding is often called earthing as well. It doesn’t need to be complicated, simply image gold or white cord coming out of your body and connecting to the core of the earth. Anchoring you firmly. Next visualize a cord coming from the top of your head to the highest level imaginable.(the best place for you and the spiritual work you are going to do.)Clear your energy of all that does not belong to you. Set your intention of what you would like to do. Don’t forget to breathe. And look, listen and feel to the messages or impressions you get. Practice.

Have fun with your abilities. You may not even know what you are capable of.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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