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Back to Basics Series ~ Divination Tools

Divination has been used for thousands of years in many different forms and cultures all around the world. This is a way to connect with your soul or Spirit in order to receive information about the past, present and future. These tools can be used to assist in receiving information through the readers senses and interpretation of them for the person requesting the information and also to be used for yourself.

Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards There are many different choices when it comes to selecting a deck. These are the most common divination tools different themes of these cards and will often have some instructions on how to lay out the cards in different ways to answer questions. There are also multiple ways of selecting cards for a reading. Have fun with it. There is no wrong way.

How to Use Oracle Cards, the Simpler-to-Read Cousin of Tarot That Helps You Tap Into Your Intuition 

I-Ching There are 2 different methods, one with coins and one with sticks. You will build hexagrams using the values of 2 points(yin) and 3 point(yang) coins buy tossing them much like dice.

How to Consult the I Ching

Runes These are stones or hand carved wood or commercially produced in plastic with Nordic symbols or markings. They can be done using a layout much like Tarot or one at a time, depends on the reader, qu estion, or feeling as to what an individual requires.

Futhark Runes: Symbols, Meanings and How to Use Them

Scrying This can be done with a mirror or a bowl of water, smoke, fire or even a crystal ball. Some people will receive in depth visions, objects, people or situations. This will most likely need to be interpreted by the reader or they can pass along the information to the questioner so they may see how it relates to their life or circumstances.

Pendulum The most effective way to use a pendulum is to create or find a chart with yes, no or maybe on it until you get used to the movements. After that you can create many different charts to suit the needs of yourself and others. You can add percentages, time frames, chakras, and many others. The limit is your imagination.

Dowsing Rods These can be in an L shape or Y shape. There are many uses including forecasting or seeing the future, looking for metal or ore, finding gemstones, water, or even grave sites. The rods are heal so that they may vibrate with the different energy variations in the area.

Quick Tip – When using any divinationtools, I like to set the intention that my energy and the person I am reading for have our energy blocked. I ask to connect with the persons energetic team to ensure the messages I receive are exactly what they need in this moment. I also don’t look at the pendulum until I feel it has settled on an answer. I feel this helps to ensure pure energy and intention is achieved with the answers given. I also like to make my own charts for my pendulum with different information in them. I usually stick to one theme per chart.

When I do card readings I set the intention that it is for the persons highest good and soul evolution. There are many ways to pick the cards. I like to fan them out slowly and pick the cards that stand out to me. Most card decks include some layouts, how to connect with the cards, grounding and tuning in and maybe a few other things. I have tarot decks, but to be truly proficient in reading them takes some time and study. I prefer oracle cards. There are so many decks both oracle and tarot I’m sure you will be guided to one’s you will enjoy.

Some other  types  of  Divination are Numerology, Astrology, Palmistry, Automatic Writing/Drawing, Urim and  Thummim(stones  black is  yes  and  white  is  no), Language of Light, and  many  more. Most cultures have some type of Divination Practice.

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Language of Light Divination (wooden tiles and wood burning)

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