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I feel that the 144000 was one of the original blueprints in this universe. Meaning that every soul is an energetic expression of that. Therefore, we are the ones we are waiting for. We are all an energetic peice of the 144000.

Not to mention, our personal monad contains 144 souls. Coincidence, I think not! In the “spiritual” community talking about “the chosen” 144000 is a sneaky spiritual ego highlighting separation.

I feel that there are 3 waves of ascension. But, many different levels within those three waves. Not all souls will ascend at the same time. But, that being said, we will all be present on the planet when she is ascending. So that is how we all will go together. Many souls are leaving the planet at this time since they are unable to hold the vibration. They will participate from the spiritual realm off planet. Not sure how that will effect their overall evolution.

Monads including all souls. We all contain the blueprint of the original monad, if this information I received is accurate.

We are all the brothers and sisters of the 144,000, our ancient lineage that we are awakening to.
I believe we are all part of the original 144000. They are our ancestors and we have come from them to awaken to the truth that we are. Whether we know it or not, we are the souls who have come to save us.

1+4+4=9 (9 is consider the number and expression of man) You will be required to save yourself.

Please be aware of your own thinking and beliefs towards this area of spirituality. It is spiritual ego to think we are better in some way to be separate. We are in a critical stage of our collective evolution. More unity and love is needed, not less.

We are all linked to the original 144000 souls. They are the fabric of the universe. It only makes sense to me that all of the souls in the universe are able to feel connected to the energy of this portion of energy.
We are all linked through the infinite vast life force energy. The only difference is, the level of awareness of this energy and ones ability to feel if deep within themself.

Peace, Love and Blessings Jenn Moreau

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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