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Being Human & Spirit

It is all an ongoing process. Growth and expansion, embodiment and integration they are all infinite. You get to choose. Practical application of spiritual knowledge to your life will bring wisdom to your being-ness as a human. Key point….we are human currently. Not in energetic form. Peace, love, blessings

Terrance McKenna said “There is nobody who is so enlightened that they don’t need to work on themselves.”

Our current reality is that we are human. We have families, bills, jobs, responsibilities in our human lives that are all consequences of our choices. We have all had the freedom to choose our current reality. One choice and our lives would be different. Who’s to say if it would be better or worse than what it is. But, it certainly would be different.

We do have a choice whether we bring consciousness into our current reality. We have a choice to change our own thinking and understanding of the current reality we wake up to every day. We have a choice whether to be grateful or not. We choose whether to be thoughtful, helpful, inspiring and kind. We choose whether the things we think, say or do are necessary to the greater good of ourselves and others.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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