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Back to Basics ~ Star Races

I remember a friend getting me a holographic photo of a lion for my birthday in 2013. I was a bit confused by this, since I am a Scorpio. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful photo and I put it up in my kitchen so I could see it any time I went in there.

In early 2014 I had begun looking up Star Races, or Aliens, ET’s or Multidimensional beings. I found an amazing resource that was very helpful back then. They are short videos with music and writing that scrolled by. I watched all of them. I quickly decided that they all resonated deep within my being. Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiadian and Orion. They all felt right to me. I looked a bit deeper and I found the Lyrans. Then the lion picture made sense. The cat people. The Cosmic adventurers who lost their home and settled on many other planets.

If you would like to look up the videos here is the link to one of them. If you search soul traits on Youtube you will find the videos. The Lyran one took some digging and I actually don’t think it exists anymore.

There is a lot of information floating around about Starseeds these days. Even a system to figure out your soul origin by your natal chart. I trust my intuition and the feelings I receive about information. Cultivating your intuition and what feels right or good to you is very beneficial. It helps guide you to information that answers to your questions. (synchronicity)

There are many ways of exercising your intuition. I wrote 2 articles that may be helpful to you. There are many ways to learn how to trust your inner guidance.

Here are some brief descriptions of the Star Races. If you have seen any of these in visions or dreams then you will know they are with you as you experience life here on earth. Different races may come to you throughout your different experiences.

Pleiadian ~ The Pleiades is one of a group called The Seven Sisters in Aboriginal culture. They are usually tall and slim, having a Nordic look. Almond shaped eyes and almost androgynous looking.

Andromedan ~ This star race is very advanced technogically. There are many kingdoms where they are from. They are tall and slim with darker eyes. They rang from 3D to 12D and can present themselves to you in different forms.

Arcturian ~ The Arcturians are of average height around five feet tall and have a blueish skin tone. They have cat-like eyes that can range from light to dark colors such as red, green, or brown. They have managed to balance spirituality with technology. They are very good healers and offer the healing chamber to all who wish to experience it.

Orion ~ These ancient beings contain vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom. There has been much “negative” energy since they are so closely linked to the reptilian race. Know that there are “good” and “bad” in their race much like humans. They have so much to offer in the esoteric wisdom, and truth seekers at heart.

Lyran ~ Often described as the original root seed race of humanity. They can have a lion appearance or simply an energy or frequency presence. (Like most experiences with multidimensional beings)Lyrans are genetic masters. Often grouped as Lyran and Vega, these souls have been around since the beginning with ties to the Elohim. They are scientists and explorers. They are use portals and time warp technology to assist those who tune in.

There are many other Star Races that we are coming to experience as we collectively raise our frequency and move into 4D an beyond. If you feel guided there is a wealth of knowledge to explore and put in to practice for yourself. Developing your innate skills of intuition will help you discern what feels right to you. Know that as you explore the depths of your spiritual aspects, changing and shifting beliefs and understanding is growth. You will discover more and more as you continue to evolve. What you believed last year or last week may not be relevant to your journey any more. What is ultimate truth for you, will be maintained. Other beliefs that serve a purpose at the time will assist you to shift and change. Stepping stones, if you will.

Ultimate truth will come over time. There is no quick fix to developing deep inner knowing. You will know by how it feels. Also, know that sometimes when you are drawn to return to certain information you may be more prepared or open to exploring the information more. When you follow your internal GPS, you will always be guided to something beneficial to your journey.

May you flow with the energy with grace and ease.

Much Love Jenn

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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