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Choosing Life, Love and Humanity

When will humanity as a collective decide. When will we decide that all life, not only human life is worth preserving. When will we decide all life on this planet, all sentient beings have value. When will we decide enough war, distruction, chaos, corruption, greed, money and profits will not sustain all life on this planet.
If we are waiting for someone or something to come and save us, personally or collectively, it’s not going to happen in the current state of our planet.
Our Star families will not come and risk being destroyed in our current state.
The outer world of humanity, is merely a reflection of our own personal internal states. We have created this mess. The only thing that can repair it, is a deep look within at our own personal state. Mental, emotional and physical state and definitely our spiritual state. I am not speaking of religion. I am speaking of the wisdom contained within. The pure energetic state. The ultimate truth of everything is energy, how energy never dies, it is simply transformed from one state to another. Minerals make up all plants, animals and humans. We are all connected through the natural energy within this universe. To understand this truth, we must realize we are all made of very ancient energy. All that was, all that is and all that forever will be.
I will save me, I will clean up my personal energy and life, my reality, and through my example others will see and this will give them permission to do the same for themselves, if they choose. The world will only get better when we all decide to clean up our own square meter of the planet. It cannot be forced, it can be taught.

Everyone has a choice to do it, or not. The path is straight and narrow, when will we choose to stop insulting our own unique creative expressions…..the choice to live and love. To choose harm to none, including self. Choose fredom, choose creation, choose our planet, choose love, compassion and kindness. Choose to fill our personal cup until it over flows and spills out to our family, friends, neighbors, cities, countries.

Much Love

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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