awareness, consciousness, spiritual

Awakening and Rising

Well now that has been the craziest energy shift I have experienced so far. Anyone else feel that? Wild is all I can say! It felt like reaching into the soul of world, an unraveling of the the most detrimental energy. A coming through the void, a lifting of malicious veils that have been plaguing individuals and groups throughout the history of humanity. A soothing of the negative bindings we have all experienced through our collective ancestral and family karma. A shift in the way life has been experienced up until now. I have felt like I was in the void of death. However, I can see now that it was another cleansing of my own and humanities soul.

Feel it. Experience it. Then let it go. It will bring you to place where you become more of who you are.

Now to begin again from where we are. A new lease, to rise from the ashes of our old selves and bring new levels of kindness, care and compassion to those around us.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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