Shifting into the body…A few thoughts.

I am really getting back into my body. All this out in the cosmos is not serving anyone on this planet. I have been awakening to the reality of this for a while now, like a year almost. We need to be here, where we are, present to ourselves and the people around us.
I have grieved the old me, it is time to shift and blend our ethereal experiences into real healing and action.

***Meditation Practice at the end of the article***

I see the problem. I have been feeling I am not ready to do what I am here on this planet to do. Not enough, not good enough, not healed enough, how can I help others when I am still finding stuff within me. It’s the feeling that we want to be perfect, cause we feel that was what was expected from our experiences growing up.
Not any more. I’m here I am good enough and I am me, cause i cant be anything else. Perfectly imperfect in my perfection, AS IS. Still not stopping the learning, healing and growing I am doing.

Did you ever think of it as descending rather than ascending? We are bringing the higher realms into our existence. As Above, So Below. Bringing Heaven to Earth. Or on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Many different ways of saying the same thing.

I have started calling what we are going through as simply Evolution.

We all are seeing this great shift in humanity from our own unique perspectives. We are all at very different stages within our own path and journey. If you are reading this, you are meant to be here. To express your own unique talents, gifts, passions in a way that only you are able to.

Keep going my friends, you are here to be authentically you, share your passions with the world. Even if that world is yourself, your friends and your community. Only you can take the action to heal, learn, grow and share yourself with your world. We are all not here to be on the world stage. Keep love and gratitude in your heart and share that with those you meet along the way. Do your best, to be your best in each and every moment.

100% present with everything you do will add a quality to your life that you cannot imagine.

If we are not IN our body, then how do we possibly embody the learning/remembering we have been doing. If we are not IN our body, we are not bringing this higher dimensional energy down to Earth. We are not fully processing the energy to be used here and now.

We live in a 3rd dimensional reality and we definitely need to be here feeling, experiencing and growing with our human self. We are human after all in this current now moment. This is the incarnation we currently are in, so we need to be fully human.

Jenn Moreau

Meditation Practice

A good start on being present.

It takes some work to focus. Somewhere to start is feeling what your body feels like. Start at your head or feet and work your way up or down, however you choose.
Keep bringing your mind back to the task at hand.

Learn to do one thing at a time. Being fully and completely with your task and bringing the mind back to it will significantly help focus and identify feelings within. You will feel energy in your body and emotional responses to the practice/exercise. Allow those different feelings. Sit with them as long as you can. Identify them if you are able and be as honest as possible with yourself. There is no right or wrong way to feel or experience this practice. Be aware if are being judgement or critical of yourself and this experience. It is a good indicator of judgement or criticism you may have in other areas of your life.

Have fun. Know that there is no rush or hurry to master this practice, simply try it a few times. Using your intuition is a learning and training thing. It doesn’t happen overnight. Lifetime spiritual practice. Yes practice….if you can do it for 3 seconds you can eventually live in awareness most of the time.

Here is an hour of root chakra music for your meditation if you choose

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