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Harmonic Resonance

Deep breaths in and long exhales, using crystals and sound healing tools, creating art and writing.

Creating harmonic balance between soft and strong, being and doing, ebb and flow masculine and feminine.

Putting into practice the mental and emotional transmutation skills of an Alchemist. Being an Alchemist, turning the lead of this existence into the gold needed beyond this life into infinity. In each moment.

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The Harmonic Convergence was in 1987. A planetary alignment like this one occurs about every 10,000 years. Humanity, this planet and universe will be moving through great harmonic shifts that impact personal vibration. It is extremely important to move, change and flow with these shifts. A planetary alignment like

*The Harmonic Convergence is the name given to the world’s first synchronized global peace meditation, which occurred on August 16–17, 1987. This event also closely coincided with an exceptional alignment of planets in the Solar System.*

“When the solar system came into alignment on August 16 and 17, 1987, that means that the Sun, Moon, and six of the planets of our solar system formed a grand trine.”

As we begin to see more and more souls leaving the planet and possibly in greater numbers than the last few years, it is of utmost importance to find our family and community of choice. These families may include members related by blood or they may not. Building networks and a community of support, finding your soul tribe, people who nourish your soul, balanced, who often share peace with you. Those who are working on creating a new world. Those who are bringing awareness to their lives.

In June of 2022 we saw an amazing alignment of 5 planets. This will happen again in 2040. An amazing energy shift but definitely not as great as the shift we saw in 1987.

June 2022 Alignment

I have seen and heard many times over the past few years of people talking about Harmonic Convergence and decided to explore and research to find out more. I knew of the event and alignment in 1987 but wasn’t completely aware of the details. I knew it was huge because much of the early material I studied came from the 90’s.

I can only surmise that this (late 80’s into the 90’s) was a great time and awakening of the first wave (Dolores Cannon). A time when many realized they were here to shift humanity into a new paradigm with the floods of information they were receiving and writing down, channeling and sharing out into the world. Laying the ground work for this generation and those to come. Of course what is flooding into my awareness right now is all of the great teachers over the thousands of years prior.

The great ebbs of life are huge transformational times in our lives. Often accompanied by emptiness, confusion, lulls in productivity. We are often guided to relax, or retreat, rejuvenate. These are not times to make decisions. They are times of processing and integration, the time before our new creations will begin. Honor these times. Do not stress or fret that you are doing nothing. Action or doing is not always required.

Each time we rest and breathe, we create stillness. Stillness is a pause. A pause in life’s hectic schedules. A pause creates cellular healing in the physical, a break from mental scatter and the yo-yo of emotional turmoil. Ours or someone else’s. An atom at a very high rate of vibration seems at rest. This is also out state in stillness, the opening of a space for higher vibration within.


Grid made with the intention of higher learning and expansion.

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