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Winter Solstice/ New Moon Reading 2022

Wednesday December 21 At the winter solstice the Sun travels the shortest path through the sky, and that day therefore has the least daylight and the longest night. (See also solstice.) When the winter solstice happens in the Northern Hemisphere, the North Pole is tilted about 23.4° (23°27′) away from the Sun. Solstices are especially… Continue reading Winter Solstice/ New Moon Reading 2022

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Full Moon Reading

I pulled out my tiles from the divination set of Light Language. You get to choose the message for you!!! Have fun, I will post the meaning later on this post. Please leave your pick(s) in the comments. I love this form of exercising our intuition. Take a deep breath, center yourself in your heart.… Continue reading Full Moon Reading

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New Moon Revelations

The vibration of what I speak creates. Be mindful of the "spelling" I put out. A negative output will not create a positive experience. 50,000 thoughts a day, plus the words coming out of my mouth will create the environment and experiences I see. Reflection and giving attention to learn the patterns or beliefs is… Continue reading New Moon Revelations