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Back to Basics ~ Intentions

I have been reflecting on the use words. Specifically, release.

Intention – a thing intended or an aim or plan. Your goal, purpose, or aim is your intention. It’s something you mean to do, whether you pull it off or not.  A pure intention refers to a future or current action a person plans(manifests) that is for the highest good. By contrast, a false intention or unpure intention refers to an action that does not have a motivation that serves the highest good of all or self.

I’m not sure about anyone else. I know that if my landlord is a dick, I would not RE-LEASE the apartment. I am almost convinced that releasing anything will draw it back around. I think simply letting go of all that is no longer necessary is a more practical way to never see the shit again. I am in the process of removing RELEASE from my vocabulary. Not very often do I use this word in my day-to-day so it won’t be very difficult. Grace and ease, baby!

Energy + Vibration = Matter Thoughts + Voice = Reality

What we communicate, what we consume, consumes our reality and spirit. What we think, say and do creates our reality. How are you programming your mind? TV, radio, pop music it is all programming our mind and showing us those things in our reality, unconscious beliefs that have been plugged into our minds for a very long time. Subtle…often a frequency of what we don’t want.

How do you speak to yourself or others? How do you speak about things or situations? How can you shift your intentions? What are your thoughts, speech, and actions surrounding what you are choosing to experience? Are you creating more of the same? Does your mental or emotional body need some attention?

“War will not bring peace, only peace will bring us peace.”

There is a language without words. If we could only be still and silent to hear it. It is the silence of a sunset, the brief moment when we thoroughly enjoy a sip of tea or a bite of a wonderful meal, the feeling of a smile for no reason at all. It can be any moment we pause and feel the joy of a moment. When we string those moments together we begin to experience more of the present moment. It’s like a vortex where nothing else matters around us. We feel peace, love, joy even bliss. No fight or flight simply the beauty of the now moment. The world could be falling down around us. We are in our own little bubble. Imagine if we practiced enough to feel this no matter what. Life would become a meditation.

The reality of it is, we live in a world of distraction. We live in a world where work, bills, kids and social media pull us out of those little moments we can string together and create peace. Life happens. The only one who controls us, is us by what we allow to distract us. Words can be so limiting when it comes to the feeling of peace, love, kindness and compassion.

Language of Light, the language without words. Contemplation Topic

What do you feel when you look at the picture above? Focus fully and completely on it. Beyond the mind and the chatter telling you all the imperfections. Beyond what pictures you see in the drawing. How does it feel when you look with your heart?

Write down your desire. Check your motivation for your desire. Identify your intention. Once these are established, reinforce your intention by speaking it out loud to yourself. The energy you put into your desire will be the energy you receive back. (Thought, speech, and action) This is how magic happens.

I often hear people say, “And then let it go.” Caveat – The letting go is not about giving it to the universe to create for you. You still need to reinforce your intention with actions towards the goal. Letting go in this situation is about expectations. Dropping control of how. Letting go of what you “think” it should look like.

Hope this helps.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

What you sow, you will reap, the mind is a powerful tool.

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