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Anchoring Cosmic Energy onto the Planet.

There are many here on the planet who are working on Ley Lines/Dragon Lines, the grid workers. There are many here who are clearing their vessels(body) in order to be a conduit for the anchoring of the ever increasing intense Cosmic Energy washing over the planet. There are mystics, adepts, teachers, readers, Language of Light speakers/artists all here assisting with the ascension/descending of Cosmic energies. We are the Wayshowers, the Starseeds, and Healers. The Guardians and the Watchers, the Scribes, the Channels. We are all in this world, but not of it. We are currently human. We are the artists and creators of a new world.

Many do their work secretly and silently. Bringing the energy and healing to those who come looking for the answers, healing, vibrational shifts, or simply to become unstuck or unblocked from the heaviness of being human.

We are here to bring humans and the planet further along the evolutionary journey.

This cosmic energy will continue this way. Only becoming more intense as the months roll on. The  incoming cosmic energy is here in order to assist earth and humans into 5D.   Flow with it, or be dragged. That’s kinda how it works. That’s why we go within, practice gratitude, kindness, caring and compassion to self and other, these are peices of higher vibrational energy needed to “ascend” or anchor this cosmic energy on to the planet. That’s why we do “personal work”, shadow work, healing etc. In order to hold this higher vibration.
Anchoring cosmic energy onto the planet.

Get grounded and connected from your heart center. Practice allowing the energy to flow within you. In stillness. More energy you bring in from pure light cosmic energy, the more you are anchored. The less you will be drained. Because you are allowing the Universal Flow of energy. Here is a great 5 minute video for grounding.

Learning to honor your own personal rhythm takes practice. Time to “do” and time to “be”……ebb and flow.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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