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I’m not for everyone and neither are you. As we evolve to newer versions of ourselves we may lose some people who used to be there with us. The older versions of ourselves definitely needed those people in our lives at the time. It’s ok to learn, heal and grow. It’s ok to expand to new awarenesses. Everything is our teacher, and we can always teach what we have learned ourselves. Life is always changing including people, situations and things, when we are open to allow the different and new to shine through.

Opening up to a brand new adventures will expand our experiences and our vision. Having an open mind allows us to open our clarity.

Opening up like a rose to the sun. It will not bloom one second before it is ready. And neither do you. We create the right conditions as we nurture our garden. As we are patient with the rose and trust the rose will open, so to can we be patient and trust ourselves and others will flower when they are ready. Not all roses will open, the conditions were not ideal for them. There is no anger we simply allow it to be as it is.

Much Love and Many, Many Blessings in this New Year. Tend to your rose garden. Jenn

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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