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January Blues

“Acknowledging parts of traumatic experiences is a painful realization. It is also necessary for our growth. Signed, Dark Night of the Soul” Aurora Skye

“I was thinking a couple of days ago that January has been a Gray Night of the Soul for me.” Chanin Zellner

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I myself have been home from work with a strange cold/flu mixture for the last 4 days. Strange because I rarely get sick. It’s a strange mixture cause all my normal cold symptoms are there, but in a mixed up way. And randomly, I got a fever that wasn’t horrible but lasted maybe 6 hours. Nothing a cold cloth couldn’t handle. But strange. I took some time to do a pendulum reading to see what emotions were coming up to be seen since not feeling well was a little bit of a block to seeing them clearly.(I had a sneaky suspicion that this was a bit more than just feeling under the weather)

Ebb and flow

The List

Doubtful, Ignored, Abandonment, Resentment, Blaming, Pride, Grief.

That’s quite a heavy list. My first thought was no way, really? I felt there must be some link to the collective as well. And, to the experiences I had in the days prior to getting “sick.” It crossed my mind that I had heard and experienced the term “energy sickness” in the past. Then, I started going through the list in my head. It’s strange, but I can sort through it this way.

I am not going to share my contemplation/reflection on this list. I will say I recently drew some boundaries, reinforced I would not participate in enabling behavior, and took more of my power back from previous codependent behavior. I also did a session with a friend to help her unpack some of her struggles with depression, recurring trauma responses, flight behavior, or the need to constantly be on the move running from things. It’s not one and done. It’s a continuous unpacking or unfolding of our true self. I am so grateful for the 2 people and situations that gave me an opportunity to unfold some more of my own beautiful, unique, amazing self. There was also a bit of declutter (pantry got an overhaul)and a whole bunch of violet flame used to clear some energy to make room for expansion.

With a dash of honesty and a pinch of patience, see how the list of words could possibly relate to your current life. In all areas, relationships, work, school, personal development, spiritual growth. There are many ways through art, dance, music, writing, etc, how you can discover deeper levels of you.


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“Keep your face to the sun, and you will never see the shadows.” Helen Keller *spiritual bypassing*

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