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What are you feeling today?

I am feeling a bit of “Dark Night of the Soul” energy today. Ultimately, it feels like disconnection from myself. I recognize that it is only temporary. I know that I am never disconnected, it may only feel that way during a rest period or the ebb, of the ebb and flow of life. I am also aware that this happens after a learning period for me. I know that as I rest and integrate the energy of my recent realizations and reflection, I will begin to flow once again. I have also been feeling creative energy for the last few days. This is what has been happening for me.

Journey to Love by Alana Fairchild

I have checked in with the collective energy today, I have also been feeling a bit bogged down as I am sure many others are as well.

Every soul on this planet is facing challenges within themselves, that we know nothing about. Everyone is experiencing different as well as collective fears and dread. We can truly never know what another person is experiencing. We have not grown up in exactly the same environment as they have. Even if we were in the same house. We do not have the same self-talk running through our head and that will create emotions that we can never feel in exactly the same way. Be gentle, kind, honest and helpful, not hurtful to others and yourself. We can be honest with kindness. We can take responsibility for our thoughts, speech and actions to bring about change in our experience.

Big changes happen when we set our minds to creating something new for our highest good and the good of all humanity. A small step towards the vision we have for our future is always a step in the right direction. We may often get distracted. It’s good to recognize what is a distraction for you. Our society has turned us away from our true path. Society is creating masters of distraction, distortions, false teachers, we are staying behind veils of illusion, feeding egos, rather than nourishing the heart and soul of humanity.

Visualize sitting in your own heart chakra. Put a bubble of pure healing intellignce energy around your body, 3 feet in all directions. Calm your mind, place your attention on your breathing. Release any tension you are holding in your physical body. Melt into yourself. If you find your mind wandering, focus on your breath of the feeling you are creating. Smile as you visualize sitting in your heart space. You have created love that is not dependent on another. Come back to this space often. It is totally worth every second even if it takes some practice.

Being discouraged and lonely of leads us to distraction and bypassing our experience. Acknowledgment of any feelings or patterns will dissolve them. Denial or pushing away an experience only promotes the further creation of any experience. It also may create accidents and intensified experiences in order to get your attention. Acknowledge these feelings and patterns with your conscious awareness and you will soon see them fade away with grace and ease. You are not losing anything, you will be gaining valuable insight and soul evolution into your life and journey.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

Soul Energetics by Jenn

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