What you sow, you will reap, the mind is a powerful tool.

This video was one of the first I found. I discovered this just after I was sitting in my house and realized I wasn't any happier than I was before I had all the things our family and society tell us will make us happy. As I listen to this again for about the 8th… Continue reading What you sow, you will reap, the mind is a powerful tool.


In Related News….

DIY instructions below Next week there will be a new global initiative that will require all humans to wear pirate newsprint hats. This will be required in all public places. Fisherman and other marine employees may apply for an exception to this law, while at work. The government fully recognizes that this type of attire… Continue reading In Related News….


What Will Society Learn?

There will be many shifting around and leaving jobs they go back to when this is eased. People will begin to realize how much they actually enjoyed staying home and we will see a huge shift of people beginning to do what they love. People will realize that they can survive on less than they… Continue reading What Will Society Learn?