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Back to Basics Series ~ Grounding and Connection

Many layers of our being

I found this meditation below in about 2013 when I began Reiki training. It is a very good starting point. By starting point I mean that you are able to adjust the place you anchor into the universe. There are many different streams of energy we are able to connect with to receive information at different times. The one thing I found is that I prefer to ask for a connection I need at the moment that is up beyond the astral plane. The astral plane contains all energy both light and dark, pure and false. I like to connect into pure intentioned beings. I feel safer and that I can easily trust the information I may be receiving.

12 D Sheild Building Technique

I’m not saying here isn’t light and shadow/dark at all levels or dimensions. All beings are on their own personal evolution journey. There are certain aspects of each of us that may be vibrating at a lower level. Service to self or service to others is a big one. Check your motivation for the thoughts, speech and actions is a good place to start, this requires immense amounts of honesty. Any one of our assets may be vibrating at a lower level.

Aspects that make up who we are in this reality. This now moment.

There is a little bit more of an explanation in this article from a few years ago.

If we are not grounded to earth we are not able to embody the energy that’s coming onto the planet, we can’t discern what is happening in our reality. We can’t see things with a clear view. We are off in the ethers having all kinds of wonderful and not so wonderful experiences but we definitely cannot learn from and transfer this experiences into our lives here in this reality. Our experiences are interesting but not very helpful day to day here on this planet at this time.

When we allow the flow of energy from a place of purity we are being helpful, not harmful to ourselves and ultimately others. Especially when doing energy work. If you are truly allowing the highest available pure light energy to flow then it’s not draining at all. We can however be drained if we are using our own energy, or not clearing or cutting cords, letting go of a healing session and connection made for that particular session.

From the Heart Center Meditation Close your eyes take a few deep cleansing breaths. Relax into your own heart. Expand your heart energy to 6 feet around your body in a sphere. Feel your wonderful heart energy. Now, drop that energy from your heart through all chakras below your heart into the core of Gaia. Breathe in the earth energy with a cleansing breath. Come back to your heart center and send an energy connection to the highest available light to you. This will create a pillar 6 feet around with you securely connected to earth and to Source. Breathe up and down your pillar from earth to Source, Source to earth. This anchoring technique helped me tremendously in the past few months. Using the heart as a starting point has been very beneficial to me. Play around with it a bit. Try flowing the energy like an infinitely ♾️ sign.

Another Breath Technique I also like putting my attention at the core of Earth 🌎 then breathe in the earth energy and exhale and push that energy up to the base chakra. Next breath breathe in earth enery through the base, exhale and push that energy up to the sacral. I continue through all chakras. Then I breathe in the appropriate Source energy from me at the time, into my crown. On the next breath, on exhale I push it to the 3rd eye chakra. Continue with breathe Source energy into the 3rd eye and push it down to the throat. And you can try this with the Infinity ♾️ technique as well. In through the back or counter parts of your chakras as well.

Simple breathing – Inhale for 4 seconds, exhale for 6-8 seconds. Focus on your breathing. Observe what is happening with the air flow, your heart, lungs. Notice the areas of your body holding any tension. Breathe into those areas and let go of the tension, stress, anxiety on the out breath.

Front an back of your chakras

It can also be as simple as asking and visualizing the center of the earth through ground and the same for your pure connection. There must be trust in yourself that you are worthy and able to do this. Ego aside.


Hematite, Shungite, Chaistolite, Mookite Jasper

These are my 4 favorites for grounding. Top left is Hematite – Very good for grounding and connection. I worked in a crystal shop and I found it extremely helpful to me to help me process all the energy of the people and crystals. After a while of being there, and a person came in that was wild hyper I would ask then to hold a peice of Hematite while they were in the store. It significantly calmed them down and they could focus much better. I have also recently given a peice to a guy at work and he said he sleeps with it. Top right is Shungite I have found this to be very helpful for neutralize disrupted energy I am feeling in my body. As soon as I come back from doing gridwork I grab my Shungite and my Chaistolite, on in each hand, then switch sides with the stones after a deep breath. I find they bring me back into this reality much quicker. Shungite is an excellent grounding stone for me as well. Also very good or purifying water. Chaistolite or Cross Stone this is another one of my favorites. Linked to the Earth Star Chakra it helps tremendously with higher energy coming on to the planet and connecting to past life memories. When I did in person readings and the Blueprint included information about the Merkaba I would give people a Chaistolite and a Petalite. The Earth Star and Soul Star, grounding and connecting masculine and feminine elements. Mookite Jasper I love this stone. The first time I picked one up I felt an incredible rush of energy in a downward direction. What could be more grounding than that. Amazing experience and I still recommend this to people as well. These stones are all very reasonably prices and fairly easy to find at a rock and gem store or metaphysical shop. The Mookite and Hematite are probably $1-5 depending on the size. Cross Stone/Chaistolite might be a bit more $5-10 again depending if it’s a round or flat peice. Shungite is quite popular but you could pick up a small raw peice for under $10

A few favorites for connecting. Hematite, Amethyst, Petalite, Selenite, Lapis Lazuli

An energetic representation of grounding and connection. Up through the 4D canopy and deep into the earth


Back to Basics Series ~ Personal Energy

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