10-10 October Portal Energy

In order to embody our own unique frequency, we will need to be able to discern what is our own energy. We cannot be fully in our energy when we are continually drawn out of it. This doesn't mean spiritual bypassing or avoiding or dissociation. A quick energy check of what is in our energy… Continue reading 10-10 October Portal Energy


9/9 Portal Energy

There has been certainly an acceleration and intensity to the energy we are experiencing. With some increased solar/electromagnetic energy, the Lion's Gate and intense full moon every as well as the increase of lightning on the planet causing fluctuations in the Schumann Resonance Energy. We have a new moon coming up on September 6th which… Continue reading 9/9 Portal Energy


Embrace and Let Go

I Let Go and Embrace I AM SOURCE!I AM SOVEREIGN!I AM FREE! I embrace and let go of all remaining resistanceI embrace and let go all fear still stuck in my body, my cells, blood and bonesI see and acknowledge all my unforgivenessI see and acknowledge all my resentmentI see and acknowledge all my guiltAll… Continue reading Embrace and Let Go