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Light, Dark, Ego and the Dreaded Shadow

I hear many people talk about this subject all the time.

Oh, it’s good, oh it’s bad. That is evil. Only stay in the light! Be positive, avoid negative. That’s the shadow, that’s the ego. Your inner child needs some attention. Light and Dark need to be balanced. I am having psychic attacks. Things we hear all the time in spiritual settings.

I will add my own perspective and experience to a few hot topics. Not everyone will agree and I am not asking anyone to think about this subject like I do.

Yes, some times we are effected by other people’s energy. (Being an empath) It may be any emotion, their thoughts or even a feeling, or maybe pain they have in their body. Yes, this is part of being an empath, we pick up energy from other people. This is why I stress so much that we need to keep our own personal energy clear by asking archangels, or ascended masters, the universe, or even that spirit aspect of yourself(higher self)to remove any energy that does not belong to you.

Light energy feels light. Dark energy feels dense. If we feel bogged down then we are carrying dense energy in our physical, mental, emotional or even our spiritual body as blocks.

Keeping yourself in a positive mental state is great, being in a negative mindset often makes us feel heavy or dense. We can throw in a bit of Law of Attraction or The Law of Vibration. Like attracts like, or what you put out into the universe is what will come back to you. What you think holds energy, just like every single work that comes out of you mouth hold energy, and everything you do has energy attached to it. This is why it is so important to be aware of yourself and keeping things positive. The universe makes no distinction. If you say oh man I hate pain, or I hate being sick, the violence, or the angry outbursts. The universe may just very well turn around and say I don’t know why you keep talking about this and I really don’t know why you like them but hey, here you go you can have some more of those things. Just saying…’s entirely possible that’s how it works.

The Shadow. Well let’s say we are all made of Light. The shadow is how we learn. And well the shadow is the little bits and pieces of baggage that we have picked up throughout all of our souls incarnations. The Shadow, I think is all the deep dark parts of us that do need some attention. To be seen for what they are. I used this exercise to help me with this. Imagine yourself standing in the middle of your driveway surrounded by all the things you drag with you on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great if we could drag all that baggage to the light of day. Call it out and let it go. Drop it all in the driveway and walk away. This is healing.

Ego. Let’s look at this from a psychological view. The ultimate job of the ego is to protect. Protect us from being hurt. A defense mechanism. Yes, it can save you life in an emergency. But, it can also stop us from being who we are. If we are trying to be more emotionally available the ego will remember all the times you got hurt or ridiculed and stop you from doing that again.

I like to give mine the task of finding everything that is for my highest good. And while we sit down for this chat I reassure the ego that nothing I am doing is going to hurt or kill me, so we will be ok. Egos job is to protect. It protects mental, emotional as well as physical.

Inner child. I think of the ego as the angry inner child that never got enough. Enough love and attention. That part of you can be very hurt. We might even be hanging onto things from our childhood that we didn’t even know hurt us. Our inner child is the gateway to our soul. Think of what kids do, they play all day and do what they love. What happens, life happens as we get older. Imagine if we could do what we loved, every moment.

“Light and Dark need to be balanced.” I do not necessarily agree with this statement at all. All that is brought to a light becomes light itself. No more shadow or darkness. However, no shadow means no opportunity for growth either. Bring it to the light, see it, understand it, heal it, and grow. Evolve. I think of it like this. Darkness is all the things that are locked in our subconscious, as we bring them to the light of our consciousness they can begin to be healed. It’s not all going to happen at once. Slowly, slowly we begin to see things, bring things up, bring them out of the shadows and into the light. And as we go along they may come up again to be seen from a higher perspective or a new level of consciousness. Learn, heal, grow.

At this point I am going to touch a bit about psychic attacks and entities and a bit of magic.

Psychic attacks can be unintentional e.g. yelling at someone in traffic or intentional e.g. using spells, curses or hexes to restrict the free will of another in some way, shape or form. Attacks can happen physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They can be accidentally from the words, thoughts or actions of our self or others.
Pictured here: Neutalization Ring by Wayne Gaydos

Entities can be spirits from angels to demons or star race beings. Again, they all have a different feel and only experience will help you identify the difference between them. Angels, Ascended Masters benevolent Star Beings energy will feel light, loved ones that have passed and not crossed over can feel heavy or dense, and so will very detrimental entities. We can also have attachments like energy cords, weapons, even material or etheric implants, or etheric parasites. I am gonna jump out on a limb here and say that most often intentional attacks are often a very small percentage. Our own healing will account for about 70-80% even up to 95% of the energy we feel and think it’s an attack from outside but really its us bring up things to heal.

There are so many possibilities that can come up when we deal with energy and are sensitive to it. Experience is a huge part in identifying the types of dense or negative or dark energy.

I will tell you this light or positive energy does have, as a matter of fact dark energy does as well. There are varying degrees of Light and Dark energy. Dense energy has varying degrees of heavy, or thick and often moves quite quickly like waves. As you move to higher and higher levels of vibration the energy becomes more subtle. Often times moving so fast the vibration is almost undetectable. I have used this to identify different energies. Higher vibration energy can also feel like waves but much slower and more gentle.
Pictured here: Sun Ring by Wayne Grabos

I hope this, from my perspective, might be a guide for you and helpful. I can only share what I have experienced and not everyone is going to experience exactly the same thing in exactly the same way.

I will say that the learning, healing and growth is infinite.

Happy Journey.

Jenn Moreau

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