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Back to Basics ~Planetary and Universal Grid Work Service

This is a guide to get you started and headed in a direction. (Like most of my articles, somewhere to start)

Be sure you trust the people you work with if you choose to do group gridwork. The most important aspect is pure intentions, for the highest good of humanity and earth. There is no room for ego based, I know what’s best. Use your divination tools, cards, pendulum, healing modalities or trust your feeling if you know your coming from a place of pure intent. Feel and trust the energy of crystals to support your mission or spirit animals as well. I like some confirmation from my cards or pendulum, before and sometimes after the mission. Be flexible, cause you may make a plan for your gridwork session, and you get there and it’s completely different from what was planned. Sometimes making a plan sets that intention in motion, freeing you up to do something totally different. (Maybe some healing or activations you will benefit from) You don’t need to see like a movie, feeling and impressions are often enough to understand what is happening. Group gridwork is awesome, cause you are able to talk about your personal experience and let each other know what you saw or felt and you will see amazing similarities. You can head to a location each with a different plan or intentions and you can feel, see or know who else is there and maybe what they are doing. Sometimes you merely observe the energetic team or dragons (Ley Lines were originally called Dragon Lines) fulfilling the plan. We all have unique skills and perspectives that can add to a mission with pure intentions. For the highest good of all involved.

Photo provided by Ben Evans

To find out more about the Planetary Chakras and Ley Lines, I have included a few links.

Photo provided by Ben Evans

This is an amazing video I discovered recently. Her energy is excellent and she has some great basics here.

This Soul Matrix video is a good introduction to what grid work can look like as you begin to do this sacred service work for yourself.

I recommend doing the Chiron Blueprint meditation to clear and align your own energy (chakras and aura/energy) This is an amazing tool with great benefits for yourself and your evolution. This is a super meditation for clearing your aura/energy field and ultimately your chakras. I recommend setting the intention to stay awake for the whole thing. This means we are consciously receiving the healing from the session. Part of why we are here is to bring the unconscious/subconscious into the light of consciousness. I feel it’s very powerful to do this meditation once a day until you are able to stay awake for the whole thing to receive the maximum benefit from the meditation. I still do this as I am guided to, especially when I have had some energy shifts or ah-ha moments. About once a month or so.

This link was my first introduction to gridwork. Service to the earth and humanity is a wonderful way to show your gratitude. I hope you will find some interesting information and a place to start.

There are also many groups on Facebook that are centered around gridwork, earth chakras and assisting humanity on a global level during these energy shifts. Here are a few of these groups.

Gridwork is something that is planned to a certain extent when you come together as a group. It can also be done alone. It often happens organically during meditation. Gridwork or Service to earth or humanity is something we may already do, for example when you are guided to ground the energy from a meditation into the earth for all to access as they are ready. It doesn’t need to be complicated only completed with a pure, clear intention. It doesn’t have to be closing portals, clearing spirits or entities or battling Reptilian forces. It could be, but it is not always the case.

Earth Chakra System
The map I use to guide me to areas and create crystal grids to support the gridwork for the session.

Below are some additional links to further information along your journey. Both personal and gridwork related. I have always linked Mt. Shasta to the Lemurians and inner earth(Agartha) and an advanced race called Telosians. It can be a rabbit hole but it can be beneficial to your journey as well. As I was researching this, I had gone to an evening of channeling of Thoth. I came away with further information about etheric cities mainly Shambhala. And how they were being created over most major cities around the world. It lead me deeper into Agartha research and a method of healing from the Telosians using crystals. Was an exciting adventure for sure.

I had my own amazing experience with Agartha recently. I started out in the communion temple. Gathered up the energetic support team traveling with me. We traveled in a group Merkaba to Shambhala. Upon arriving I saw almost Greek looking stone temple of gold and pearl shimmery. We walked up the stairs and into the long hall way. Many light beings were sitting on chairs along each side of the hall. We walked through this area to another smaller hallway. There was what looked like an elevator. Not all of the energetic team would be traveling to Agartha. As we got in the “elevator” and looked around to see who was with me, it was Melchizadek, Quan Yin, Master Vosloo and Lady Nada. 2 in front and 2 behind me. We traveled down to Agartha, I don’t think it was an elevator but that’s how I saw to and how it felt. I could feel a bit of anxious excitement deep in my belly. As we stepped out, I could see a forest with mountains, all around. There was a bird that flew from one tree to another that was so colorful with long tail feathers. We walked along a gravel path to a small cottage. Melchizadek and Quan Yin stayed outside. It looked like an alchemist lived there, papers, books, and stuff everywhere. He guided me to what looked like a sauna with a bench to lay down on. This is where it gets somewhat multidimensional. I watched myself go in the “sauna” but at the same time the alchemist and I were sitting talking, he was showing me what he was working on, and I was looking around the cottage. I knew I was in the small room, but also sitting with him waiting. I feel this was a layer of healing. When I came out of the healing room, I merged back into myself that had been talking with the alchemist. He asked me if I felt better, and directed to rejoin my guides outside…..

The whole entire journey would be like a book. Maybe I will share the rest some day.

Gridwork, traveling in a Merkaba on sacred missions for self healing and helping humanity is an amazing adventure.


If you are looking for a bit more of a deep dive into some very interesting early work by a true first wave wayshower this is an amazing read.

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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