Like Minded Souls

Alyson Wagner

Colleen Fischer Hypnotherapy, Infinity Star Grid course, Multidimensional Mediumship, Attunements

Aurora Skye

Bernadette Rath ~ Fire Opal Reiki and Attunements

Leslie Barron RMT, Reiki, Shiatsu, Cupping, Emotion Code Practitioner Edmonton AB 780-918-6329

Oxford Wellness Clinic Dr. Roshni Sidhu Chiropractor 780-758-8323

Jennifer Pratt Osteopath

Wayne Noel 780-965-4444 Qigong Instructor

Hillory Hanson Reading, House Parties, Empowering Elixirs, Heart Centered Guidance

Ulf and Mary Gold Ray Twin Flame Coaching

Wayne Gaydos ~ 780-937-2886 Krystalline Energy Tools, Wholesale Shungite

Shelley Rose May ~ Art by The Metis Mama on FB and Instagram

Kimberly Buckler Reiki Master, Intuitive, Akashic Records, Author

Dominic Newbold-Hamling Author, Reiki Practitioner, Mystic, YouTube ~ Happy House Creations

Dawn Tarot, Astrology, Coaching, Energy Clearing

Daphne McDonagh

Brian Roberts ~ Reiki and Shamanism

John Newton

Therese Pomerleau QHHT/BQH Sessions, Akashic Record Reading, Personal Channeled Messages 780-266-9181

Ann and Bill

Nalinee Diosara Language of Light, Custom Artwork, Personal Channeled Oracle Card Readings

Opheana and Sikaal ~ Guided Meditation and Ascension Updates

Wolfgang Schittich    Galactic Soul Origins, Akashic Records, Activations

Richard Rudd Gene Keys

Candace Craw-Goldman Beyond Quantum Healing

Juan Pablo Barahona ~ Quantum Flow

Matt Kahn

Steve Nobel