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Personal Ebb and Flow

Seems like the energy is calling us to release the old and begin building the new way of being on this planet. A little help from the mineral kingdom. Go with your natural flow. If “its” a struggle or a challenge or hard, then it’s time to rethink what you are trying to force. Life is a natural ebb and flow. That often looks many ways to different people. Expansion and integration, being and doing, action and rest, depression and I am not sure the word that goes with depression, there are several. Honor your personal ebb and flow, recognize changes in your personal cycles, celebrate your steps forward from who you used to be.
You are an amazing being, and you are never the same from moment to moment. 5 seconds ago, 5 minutes ago you are never the same. You get to choose the changes you make. Make choices your future self will thank you for.

Lake Superior and Rumi

The full moon is always calling for more deeply rooted emotions to come up and be seen, acknowledged, felt and let go of. The moon is associated with water, emotions, the shadow, challenges, triggers, trauma. It is a calling for us to heal ourselves. Us humans are at least 70% water, is the moon can move the tides of the ocean it can certainly “move” us. Ancestral and family healing of cycles, trauma from this lifetime, themes of emotional patterns.

This is a powerful time for learning how to learn, heal, grow, expand and take on new energy. To see things, people and situations from a new expanded point of view. We evolve and shift perspectives or we remain and possibly suffer health issues, mental issues or intense struggle.

Go with the flow, do your work, make room for new experiences, be creative, change jobs, move, travel. Honor what you feel is important for you in each moment. Expand or rest, ebb and flow. Rest and integrate. Integration and rest is all about processing what has already happened. A time to reflect on your recent revelations. A time to stabilize your new vibration, level of consciousness, new perspective.

I have recently decided to pack up my life and cat and do some traveling. I made a 3000km journey to my dad’s house. I came to realize a few things along the way. The first day I had a meltdown, breakthrough. It is a bit scary to have this much freedom. Day 2 I found myself honoring some deep heart surrender. Kitty goes for a little adventure of his own in the evening. I made sure I stopped in a safe place to let him do some exploring of his own. Day 3 also required some deep surrender to what is. Not what I would like life to be. Day 4, I was able to stop and find some sweet grass at the Canadian Carver at Agawa. Burning some incense has become a daily ritual to clear the energy of what is no longer necessary in my life. I have found the silence to be quite wonderful while I am driving. Lots of time to reflect and observe the scenery.

Jasper resting at Dad’s

I still may do a video blog, but currently I don’t feel like I have much to say. Maybe when I arrive at the cottage I will be a bit more inspired to share the beautiful peaceful views.

Have a wonderful day! Jenn

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

5 thoughts on “Personal Ebb and Flow”

  1. This article is one of my favourite youve written. So simple. It seems they come in the order I need to hear just when needed. I’m going to pin up “do something my future self will thank me for” And keep
    It in front of me . Thanks for that.

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