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202020 Solstice

We made it! Halfway point of the year. We will see the most day light today in the Northern Hemisphere, than any other day this year.

How is everyone doing?

The energy has intensified significantly. We have the Solstice today, the new moon and eclipse tomorrow June 21, 2020. There are quite a few planets in Retrograde as well.

I see none of this as a bad thing. There is a lot of energy bringing up personal things we have been neglecting that do need to be seen acknowledged, dealt with, attended to. Reflected on and this will help considerably with moving forward for the last half of the year. These things to be seen may be small or they may be huge. Depending upon where each person is in their stages and steps of their infinite progress, infinite awakenings and infinite transformations.

These upcoming months are definitely the time to go with the flow, relax, breathe and reflect, before taking action. It is also a time to recognize your own natural ebb and flow of your life. Time to keep your eyes and ears open to synchronicity. For sure observe, before making any decisions, but do take steps towards your goals. Time to reflect on what is important and what is distraction. What you would like to be doing with your time, observe what is eating up your energy or helping you flourish.

Be gentle with yourself, you are shedding years of unconscious beliefs, patterns and toxic behavior. Toxic behaviors can even be how we think, speak to ourselves and others, and unconscious actions, habits.

Discover what it means to honor yourself. Self care is not selfish. It is required. If your cup is empty, you will have nothing to give to others. You cannot give away what you do not have. You are important. You are loved, you are beautiful and you deserve all the wonderful experiences that will come your way, when you allow them.

There are many people who write about the retrograde, and Solstice and moon energies specifically. I like bring practical, useful and helpful information to dealing with the energy. If I can bring one person something they need to hear, I am doing my job. Even if that person is me.

There are be big changes coming to my life as well. I have been going with the flow, not forcing anything. I am taking steps towards what I would do. And it seems to be coming together. I am sure there may be some bumps and hiccups. How I respond will make the difference to how it all turns out.

Everyone sees this life a bit differently. We are all experiencing from different perspectives. We all have something to offer. We are all teachers and students. When we teach from our own experiences, when we can see our experiences from a non-judgmental place there is a sense of purity and clarity, a kind of honesty and beauty that comes from the newly found wisdom. Most people can feel the sincerity and will respond to that feeling.

Honor yourself, find your personal ebb and flow. Your future self will thank you.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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