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Disconnected or Something Else?

First, its not possible to be disconnected. People have been feeling like they are on their own these days. And I completely understand. With 3 eclipses, the moon phases and up to 6 planets in retrograde, at times, it has been an intense last 30 days. Space weather, solar wind, solar flares have been relatively calm.
Sometimes we need to rest. Everything is an ebb and flow. Flow you feel connected and the ebb you feel disconnected. Even the universe has an ebb and flow. It is called the cosmic inbreath and the cosmic outbreath or Brahma. “As above so below, as within so without.” It will pass. Recognize it as a time of rest, not a time of stress. Changing your thinking about being disconnected, see how quickly you can alter your life by your thinking.
This is awareness, seeing and understanding and even saying to yourself “Oh I see this, it has happened before, it is a rest period, I know what to do.” Rest, relax, reflect and allow the ebb. Think about what you have just been through since the last ebb and flow cycle. See what you have learned, look back on all the things that have come into your life or left. See the patterns and cycles you have broken free from. Acknowledging them, did you gain new insights into behaviors, did you forgive someone or something. Honor that you are not the same person you were. Ebb is a time for reflection within yourself. Not a time for new information or guidance from without. Only you can do your inner or personal work and this is the time for it.
You are one with all that is, you always have been and you always will be. You can never be alone, only connected to your own personal ebb and flow within the Youniverse. You are the center of your own universe, just like I am the center of mine and so is everyone else at the center of theirs. I used to say to myself “I am all that ever is, was and ever will be.” Meaning connected to the oneness of all things past, present and future.
*Note : Feeling disconnected is a different level of awareness than experiencing “The Dark Night of the Soul” It is still often the feeling of being disconnected, but it’s either from shutting down from being overwhelmed by life/mentally/emotionally or it’s the first few times that you are experiencing the ebb and flow. It’s difficult to say because it will be different for everyone. The awareness that it’s happening and the change of thinking about the purpose will help.
One thing I have found is that the sooner we recognize these cycles for what they are the shorter time they will last. Mainly the ebb cycle.
A few supporting articles below. Dark night of the Soul and Personal Ebb and Flow.
When we receive an intense connection, going back to our “normal” for us connection feels like disconnected.
A message of Love from Lori Ladd.

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