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A few video clearing, grounding and healing tools.

Today I would like to share some of the tools I have used over the years. Grounding, healing, inner child, DNA, core cutting, soul retrieval, energy awareness and letting go of energy no longer necessary in your experiences.

First, the Schumann Resonance Frequency. I found this meditation to be very effective. I listened to it over and over again to help me clear my physical body of trapped energy. I also think it is very effective for emotional and mental energy as well.

Second, the 12D Sheild building. I find this very good for helping ground as well. Connecting to the crystalline core of the earth from the heart chakra and as well connecting to the highest source of pure light available to you at this time.

Third, I would like to add the Om Mani Padme Hum.

  • Om (ohm)- Om is the sound or “vibration” of the universe. This sound is the most important of all; but in the context of chanting and mantras, it is meant destroy attachments to ego and establish generosity.
  • Ma (mah)- Removes the attachment to jealousy and establishes ethics.
  • Ni (nee)- Removes the attachment to desire and establishes patience.
  • Pad (pahd)- Removes the attachment to prejudice and establishesperseverance.
  • Me (meh)- Removes the attachment to possessiveness and establishes concentration.
  • Hum (hum)- Removes the attachment to hatred and establishes wisdom.

As you can see from the the meaning of this mantra it is very helpful to your personal spiritual path. Helping you clear and heal. I really like this version the best.

Fourth, I would like to include the Hawaiian forgiveness practice called Ho’oponopono. I have found this to be quite healing. I like to think that I am saying these things to myself. I Love You, I’m sorry, Please forgive me and Thank you. I’m sorry for holding onto the energy of people places situations for as long as I have, please forgive me for not loving myself enough to release me sooner from the situation and thank you for the growth and lessons. I am ready to move on in my souls evolution.

My experience with Ho’oponopono : I sat looking into a mirror. I worked backwards. And said it for every situation that popped into my head as far back as I could remember into my childhood. Then I was guided to use it for areas of the world or cities/past lives. Then I was guided to use it for the animal kingdom, plant kingdom and mineral kingdom. Over the following weeks after that “meditation” things would randomly pop into my head and I would pause whatever I was doing and recite the prayer again. 🙏 It was incredibly freeing energetically. I recommend trying it.

This is also an amazing tool for enhancing the power of forgiveness.

Next, Matt Kahn has been a tremendous help along my journey with his soul gathering videos. I am going to share 2 of his videos. One is Love is the Only Answer. It was a tremendous help to me opening my heart more and understanding what it means to come from a place of love in all you do. The other is the Letter to your Inner Child. Which is still you, and will help integrate one of the aspects of you that is often forgotten

Love is the Only Answer

Letter to Your Inner Child

I am also going to include a video I found to help with DNA upgrades and further clearing to bring you up into another level of growth.

Additional DNA information

Here I would also like to add a link to The Soul Matrix. Steve Nobel does amazing meditation transmissions that I also do as I feel guided. They are quite healing and clearing as well. He will call on the Angel’s to protect you through the meditation and sometimes other guides as well.

This is one of my favorites but you may find one that you enjoy much more. Happy Evolution!

I am feeling the need to add this video as well. As we progress further along our evolutionary journey we are becoming more multidimensional. We are often coming into contact with different kinds of energy that we have not seen before and different methods are being neededto remove these attachments. This is a comprehensive chakra clearing for the multidimensional energies.

I hope you find some of these or all of them quite useful in your journey into Ascension/Evolution. I really enjoy Soul Matrix transmissions and I recently came across this one again and feel the need to add it here. After listening to it this one again saw an article from Anastasia Kompos talking about the number 1155 clearing ancient blocks in abundance. And with the recent DNA information I have been seeing and the cellular memory, I figured others could benefit from this as well.

This cord cutting medication is very good and helpful. When you would like to let go ofthe energy that is keeping you stuck in loops with people, places and things.

This is a good meditation to draw attention to and help to let go of deep feelings of self hate, anger, rage, resentments and other detrimental energy to your personal growth.

This Soul retrieval meditation was very helpful to me when I needed to find a missing piece.

Jenn Moreau

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