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Daily Empath Clearing

This clearing is for energy that does not belong to you.

Think of it like asking a higher energetic version of yourself. These are merely a guide. Please feel free to create your own version that works for you.

It is a very good idea to do this clearing what you wake up and before you sleep.

In the morning to clear away energy that has accumulated or come up while you were sleeping that may not be for your highest good. And in the evening to clear away any energy picked up throughout the day. You could also do this when you leave work or someone’s house, or get off the phone with someone, the possibilities are endless. All you will need to do is set the intention and use the clearing.

🤗Please clear all the energy from my physical, mental, emotional and spirit that does not belong to me. I choose to be free and clear of all energy that is not mine.

Being completely aware when outside energy is affecting you is critical to your own personal growth.

Only when you truly know the feeling of your own energy, will you know when there is a problem in your energy field.💜

(feel free to use this as many times a day as you need to in order to keep other people’s energy, emotions and physical pain out of your personal energy)

You may also ask for clearing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy separately so you can feel the energies release one at a time.

Energetic cords are established all the time, ask that all cords that are not for your highest good be removed from your energetic system.

You will soon find out where you are “leaking” energy. We all need as much of our own energy to assist us at this very critical time in our souls evolution.

This daily empath clearing will greatly assist you to open up a space for yourself and create some room for clarity and growth.

I recommend that if the energy is not moving through then it is time to ask yourself what is creating my discomfort. And feel or listen for the answer. Once identified then sit with the answers you received.

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

There are some amazing tools in this article below to help you further along your journey. Including an amazing energy clearing for yourself and house.

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