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Intuition and Synchronicity

I would have to say that the books that stand out for me are The Alchemist and The Celestine Prophecy, as books that explain synchronicity and intuition and a bit of the power of energy as well.

These energy adventure stories are completely packed with spiritual guidance and information to investigate along any journey back home to your true self. I am sure each of you can add books that have helped you along your way.

Intuition is that internal GPS that has been installed in each sentient being to help us navigate this soul journey through the universe. It’s that gut feeling, the inner knowing we all have but rarely trust. There are Infinite ways of explaining what it is, just like the vast ways of interpreting some of the information we received. Most often the very first thing that pops into your head is your intuition. Anything that comes after that would be the mind interfering or the ego wanting to protect. The best example I can think of is a story a friend told me while I was explaining intuition. He told me about his golf game and how he would look at a shot and know what club to use to make it work. Then, after that like magic or not so much, the mind would convince him he was wrong, and choose a different club. After making the shot he would be so upset that hemdidnt use the first club that he had thought of. Another story we hear so often is a person having a strange feeling they shouldn’t go somewhere or that they feel that taking a different route that day is better. Sometimes if you don’t listen to those feelings the outcome might be tragic. Unfortunately, we are not able to hear those stories.

Intuition is a tool that you can bring into your consciousness and work with it. Being aware of those feelings and trusting them. Trust is the hard part, I will not lie about that. I assure you that is like a muscle that needs exercise. It will get stronger as you use it. Start with coffee or tea and even what color shirt to wear, and you will see what happens with a touch of awareness.

Synchronicities are the little signposts the universe drops in front of you as a warning or confirmation of the things that are happening or will happen in your life. The chance you will remember a signpost is highly likely. You may even think about it as a strange coincidence or a chance happening and tell a story to a friend about it. Sometimes, we are thinking about something and a song comes on the radio, or a bus stop advertisement has the answer to the question. Or you see a billboard or a feather is dropped along your path. Some other signs might be different animals we see throughout our day or certain repeating numbers like 11:11 or 33 or 777. The best thing to do is search for the meaning, you can often find some information relating to your thoughts at that time. Google is your friend, books are your friends.

Everything does really does happen for a reason. Sit back and watch the messages you will notice when you put a little awareness behind life. Navigating the universe with built in GPS and little signposts makes it a bit easier. Trust what you are seeing and the information you receiving. And remember, the universe does have a sense of humor. Pushing the “easy button” on life. Life is simple with a little awareness, if it is complicated then the mind is certainly getting in the way.


Laying the ground work for spiritual development within.

Back to Basics Series ~ Personal Energy
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