More Personal Care

Empaths, your future self will thank you for using this method. I am very grateful I have developed this over the years to greatly assist me along my journey.

Please clear, open activate my chakras using the highest level of light available to me
Please cut all the cords from the previous 24hrs that are not for my highest good. Please clear all energy from my energetic system that does not belong to me.
Next exercise during the day…
Ask for any energy to be cleared that does not belong to me if I feel, or think anything that is not usual for me. Repeat as necessary.
Before bed exercise…clear all energy from me that is not mine, cut all cords I have collected throughout the day that are not for my highest good and soul evolution. Please clear any energy that is trapped in my chakras that’s not for my highest good.
Please place me inside my merkaba, torus or octahedron to keep me safe while I sleep and travel in my light vehicle.
And then hey I do it all again the next day or in 5 minute intervals. Anytime you feel any pain in your body, unusual thought in your head, or feeling and emotions that may not belong to you. This is the meaning of empath. Picking up other peoples stuff.

Tip – I must say now I ask for this to be done at 11:11 each day. If I feel I need more then I will ask throughout the day. I also ask for my energy to extend out no more than 5 feet around me and to be adjusted to a comfortable level for myself and those around me. No matter the situation or setting.

Jenn Moreau

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