Energetic Shifts

There are many different reasons we feel an energetic shift around our own physical body. Removing trapped or blocked energy is the biggest one. I used to feel dizzy when I had a shower in the morning until I found this little trick in a book called Ascension Handbook. Water cleanses and clears your energy… Continue reading Energetic Shifts


Reality, Breathe, Ground….

The game of beliefs and possibilities and realities/timelines.It's a question of who or what group puts the most energy into a belief to actually create that reality. And then, it's only if you believe that to be true in your reality will it play out for you.A curious mind and thought and belief matrix we… Continue reading Reality, Breathe, Ground….

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Ascension In This Lifetime~The Merkaba, the Antahkarana, the 12 Rays, your Monad and the Mahatma Energy

The Merkaba is essentially a star tetetrahedron. The masculine and feminine merged together as one soul, balanced and whole within itself. It is your light body, a safe multidimensional vehicle for safe travel within and beyond the astral plane. It is a way to process and receive knowledge from your downloads, it will also assist… Continue reading Ascension In This Lifetime~The Merkaba, the Antahkarana, the 12 Rays, your Monad and the Mahatma Energy

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Past Lives, Soul Groups, Family Tree

When we talk about past lives and growth and remembering and karma, soul groups and soul contracts it is a very super interesting topic. I have been finding more and more information from talking to others and their understanding is always quite beneficial to hear. I just don't even know where to begin with this.… Continue reading Past Lives, Soul Groups, Family Tree


Video Meditations Self Healing

I have put together a compilation of videos that have come in handy for me with all the energy shifts that have been occurring lately. Steve Nobel from the Soul Matrix. Always fantastic transmissions to help along the way. https://youtu.be/RLEDV9T-yN0 This transmission was another one of my recent finds that was awesome too. As always… Continue reading Video Meditations Self Healing

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A few video clearing, grounding and healing tools.

Today I would like to share some of the tools I have used over the years. Grounding, healing, inner child, DNA, core cutting, soul retrieval, energy awareness and letting go of energy no longer necessary in your experiences. First, the Schumann Resonance Frequency. I found this meditation to be very effective. I listened to it… Continue reading A few video clearing, grounding and healing tools.


Powerful Self Attunement!

Feeling subtle energies. I found this to be a great tool to help with understanding the different vibrations. And a self attunement to these energies as you work with them. From Joshua David Stone Self-Attunement by Chris Comish This is a powerful attunement I have just discovered after integrating information from Joshua David Stone's Beyond… Continue reading Powerful Self Attunement!


Collective Consciousness and Self Clearing

Over the past few weeks I haven't been feeling like myself. I have started a new clearing when I wake up. I have been clearing the energy from myself that belongs to the collective consciousness. I also clear the collective consciousness of energy that is no longer for the highest soul evolution of all sentient… Continue reading Collective Consciousness and Self Clearing