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Ascension In This Lifetime~The Merkaba, the Antahkarana, the 12 Rays, your Monad and the Mahatma Energy

The Merkaba is essentially a star tetetrahedron. The masculine and feminine merged together as one soul, balanced and whole within itself. It is your light body, a safe multidimensional vehicle for safe travel within and beyond the astral plane. It is a way to process and receive knowledge from your downloads, it will also assist with easier integration within your being.

The Antahkarana is your own personal connection to the higher learning, growth and evolution we are experiencing this lifetime, your personal connection to the rainbow bridge and beyond. The article below explains this in great detail.

The 12 Rays are the the original streams of energy of creation. They are in no way linked to the chakras. There are different Ascended Masters who preside over the rays at this current time. There is a shift of souls who are in a way the keepers of the rays so to speak. Below is the link to an aarticle talking about the 12 rays of light.

Rays of Light

This is a Language of Light song that has English mixed in as well he explains the purpose of what he is speaking. He uses sacred geometry, golden light, sacred sites and integration as well. I absolutely loved this when I found it, and still do. I listen to it over and over. I found it very clearing, healing, and quite an upgrade at the time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

This is another great resource that talks about the changes in 2012 and Dr. Stones work in the early 90’s. It also talks about the access to higher dimensional energies, and 22 Ray’s that bring out light body into the possibility of a 5th dimensional energy.

Upon merging with the monadic body by an incarcerated personality, one could move from a second initiation all the way to a Galactic Avatar in one lifetime. This will take constant and steady dedication to your evolution. I had taken a break just over 2yrs ago and when I returned to my path, I found through doing my own Starseed Bluebrint reading, I had in fact not moved much further. And now I continue to keep a slow and steady pace of building my light quotient, devoting meditation time to myself, time for creativity and channeling, attending etheric university while I sleep, etc.

Monad and Mantra for building the Antakarana is “I am the soul and monad and I Am PresenceI am the light Divine I am love I am will I am fixed design.(plan of the soul for this incarnation)Please and thank you, with grace, ease, love and empowerment.”

One can also use the Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, or several other mantras to build the Antakarana and merge with ones monad. Something new I found recently was a mantra So Hum or So Ham. As you breath in say So and on the outbreath Ham or Hum. It is the cosmic in breath and out breath of Brahman. It means I Am That. Below is a short meditation I did, and will continue to do.

I wrote about the monad in this article below if you would like more information. There is also other material out there as well.

Calling on the Mahatma Energy I choose to ascend, invoke a deep penetration of the Mahatma energy into my entire energy matrix. Thereby, allowing full open radiation of my Divine self in full service to all that is now. Please and Thank You.

I have found this invocation used in a few different ways. I first came across it in a book I bought many years ago call The Ascension Handbook by Tony Stubbs. I also found it in Joshua David Stone’s books and I went to what is called Transmission Meditation by Share international created by Benjamin Creme. It is also mentioned in the Antahkarana article above.

ReferencesAn Ascension Handbook by Tony StubbsThe Complete Ascension Manual : How to Achieve Ascension in this Lifetime by Joshua David StoneJoshua Stone often talks about how our ascension on earth is 1 inch up a 10 inch ruler. There are many many levels and stages to our Omniverse, and there is always more to be done. Our service to humanity, our planet, the multiple universes, souls and avatars are watching for us to bring our consciousness and awareness home to the evolution of the whole.This link below is to help with knowing and feeling the higher more subtle vibrations.

Happy Remembering! Enjoy! Jenn
© 2022 Jenn Moreau

Back to Basics Series

If you are looking for a bit more of a deep dive into some very interesting early work by a true first wave wayshower this is an amazing read.

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