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Past Lives, Soul Groups, Family Tree

When we talk about past lives and growth and remembering and karma, soul groups and soul contracts it is a very super interesting topic. I have been finding more and more information from talking to others and their understanding is always quite beneficial to hear. I just don’t even know where to begin with this.

I have noticed over the years that everyone seems to have a connection somehow to the Christ story. I am beginning to understand that whether we were there while it was happening or watching it from a place in Spirit form, we understand this was a major event. And this will draw powerful emotions about what we witnessed. Another observation I made about Jesus and having 12 apostles, him being the 13th of the group.

I notice that in the structure of a monad the top of the monad plus the 12 extensions below make 13 as well. I understand that each of us are at the top of our own monad, but also be long to a monad that we are part of the 12 and also part of the 144 extensions below the 12 as well. So it forms a kind of grid work of souls. What do you feel about this information?

Recently I did a past life meditation and discovered something quite interesting. I saw back in the middle ages where I was in male form. I was being beaten by a soldier or guard of the kings. I knew every person in my meditation, they are currently in my life. Then, I was shown who had been the person who thought I had wronged them, and then a few others that were involved in this situation. I was able to communicate during the regression that I was able to see the entire situation and how it happened the way it did. I told each of the individuals involved, during the meditation not in person, that I was ok, and they did not need to feel guilty or upset any longer. That I forgave them for what had happened, and they had done the best they could with the information they had at the time this occurred. Now, when I see these individuals now in real life, things have subtly changed with each of them. Very exciting to see.

This brings me to another understanding about energy and connections. I was talking with a friend and I said I do not have any contracts with people. Her response was “You may not have any with them, but they have some with you” I see that forgiving people and releasing your energy from situations will be very beneficial to our growth but we still may need to do some work on some level, if we are in a space our self to be able to.

Soul contracts are quite an interesting topic. It is generally understood that we decide before this incarnation the things we would like to learn, and things we would like to experience as well. Not how we are going to learn them necessarily. We have other souls that may agree to help us with certain learning experiences in this lifetime as well. I also feel that when we have completed the things we came here this time to learn we have the option of staying or leaving. Which, I also think we can decide sooner to leave as well. I also feel that when we do leave the planet, it has happened exactly the way it was supposed to. Who knows what a person leaving has agreed to teach others around them. Or what we have agreed to help them with. I think this puts a new perspective on karma as well.

Another topic has been coming up around the erasing and deleting of contracts. But, also like I said people deciding to stay on the planet and help others with the transition into the new age. Did we erase and delete our contract or did we fulfill it early in our life so we could be free to assist others in this great time of change. Who knows, but it is a very awesome time to be here.

This is a very good video on time or the lack of it and I will share it for those interested in an awesome explanation.

And now the other part of the title of this article family tree. I did a past life reading for someone and a card came up for him that was a knight. Upon talking with him he told me that one of his relatives had been a knight. I immediately felt that it had been him in another lifetime. It fit very well with his personality and his beliefs about this lifetime and why it came out in the reading.

As Above, So Below grid by Jennifer Moreau

A few days later I was speaking with another friend of mine and he randomly brought up about soul groups and how he thought that if we looked back in our own personal family tree he felt that we could find our own soul. I brought up the past life reading I had done and we thought wow this is so cool that we have confirmation for both of us and what we were independently thinking/feeling.

Another incident came up along the similar lines the other night. I guy who had been totally interested in a folk tale as a kid was able to get some confirmation as an adult by working through a family tree/ancestry that in fact distant relatives of his had lived in the same village as the folk tale is set in. How very awesome the confirmation/realization is for him. Since he discovered this information his mini obsession with the tale has since faded away.

Some things I have come across along my journey and I hope they are helpful to you as well.

There is so much information to discover on this website. You can search a variety of topics and I have used it quite a bit over the years as one of my resources.

Thanks, have a great day, much love


Much Love and Many Blessing

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