Video Meditations Self Healing

I have put together a compilation of videos that have come in handy for me with all the energy shifts that have been occurring lately.

Steve Nobel from the Soul Matrix. Always fantastic transmissions to help along the way.

This transmission was another one of my recent finds that was awesome too. As always Thank you Steve.

This was a video I found the information was interesting and the Language of Light is always awesome.

I have shared this video before and I love his work.

And the Language of Light is always healing and will assist with higher growth as well.


I am going to add in a meditation/music from Magnetic Minds cause I really enjoy their offerings.

I have recently done this meditation after researching a bit more about quantum healing and past life connections and I found it very relevant and helpful to me in my current life. I really enjoy this one.

This meditation was awesome. I completely enjoyed the visuals and the healing I could feel happening in my body was very cool.

These have been quite helpful and beneficial to me over the past few weeks. Everyone has been feeling and expericing the energy in quite different ways. I hope you find them as helpful as I have. I may add to this as later as I have done with the other clearing, self care, healing, meditations and requests for integration, DNA upgrades, and activations I have posted in the past.

Much Love as always.Many Blessings.


Another DNA tool I have discovered.

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