Random Spiritual Musing

My take on a few different things.
Whether we were in a body or not, when major events happen that have happened or will happen on this planet, all souls are watching. Awakening to being a soul, one may consider they lived that lifetime. It is a blurring of reality so to speak. We have been everything, experienced everything, been shown everything, learned from more advanced souls, been teacher, been students and everything in between. Only thing….to remember. The energy of everything we need to flourish is accessible to us, seeing that energy never dies. What are the possibilities that we can tap into and learn from?

There are different kinds of mirrors. The one that is showing others something they desperately need in their life, the one that is showing you something within you at some level of unconsciousness, and the one that is showing you where you used to be, so you can celebrate how far you have come. 💜
Take a few breaths and discern which one you are seeing before reacting. That few seconds will help you get present and respond to life more clearly.Thank you for the miracles I will experience today.Where is my energy?Through gratitude, stillness, gentleness and simplicity, I will begin to understand the true essence of myself and presence.Clearing it, is the personal work. Seeing the different kind of mirrors people are in relation to parts of you. Identify them, and make a conscious choice either to change, enjoy, or walk away from the patterns you see…I am not really sure how else to explain it.I find when people are in a neutral energy zone they tend to attract dark energy that actually keeps them in fear. The word God and religon keeps people away, but when you present the concept as energy or science, then keeping positive, meditation or prayer takes on a whole new meaningLiving a vast infinite energetic existence means there is always more room to learn, grow and expand. If a spirit chooses to do so. There is information out there about the many paths a soul can take along their journey through the cosmos. Planetary Ascension is one thing, but to continue your growth through the many energetic possibilities offered beyond this 3rd dimensional reality is almost incomprehensible to most. Heck, the possibility of each of us having a soul or that animals and plants do is way beyond the mental capabilities of the vast majority of humans.


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