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What Will Society Learn?

There will be many shifting around and leaving jobs they go back to when this is eased. People will begin to realize how much they actually enjoyed staying home and we will see a huge shift of people beginning to do what they love. People will realize that they can survive on less than they were making and peace and sanity is preferred. For some, it will take them returning to their job to realize this. But also, some will not come to this conclusion.

Many will realize they have skills and talents that can sustain them, new networks will be built during our stay in confinement. Trading and bartering for goods even on a small level shows a different way to live, rather than the hustle and bustle, the rat race, long commutes and loss of living, exhaustion, loss of family connections that the society we have been living in is creating.
A new way is in the making.

Photo by Shane Ellis Photography

Be patient, be focused and in your heart. Individually we are creating a new society. We are seeing life in a new and different way. Evaluate what you would like to create, and take baby steps everyday towards what you dream your life to look like.

Give your energy to creating the new, rather than fighting the old. Be aware when you are giving energy to what you hate rather than what you love. We create our reality based on what we focus on. That goes for the things we don’t want, just as easily as our energy can go towards creating the life we long for deep in our being.

Example if we spend 75% of our energy on what we dont want and 25% on what we do want, in reality we are choosing what we don’t want. Be aware of what you are ultimately choosing. Together we can create. But, first, doing it for yourself is the first steps towards a global shift.

You will not see the shift until you create it for yourself. You cannot give away what you do not have. Our inner world is a reflection of what we see in society. You cannot pour from an empty vessel. How someone treats you is reflection of what is going on inside them. We react to the world the way we have seen and been taught to. A simple recognition of a recurring pattern in your family, in yourself, in the people you meet, all will lead us to different choices than we have made in the past. Keep moving forward, never go back, you left for a reason, even if you are not consciously aware of the reasons. New choices, create more new choices.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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