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Back to Basics ~ Journaling

There are no rules in journal writing. The pages are for your eyes only. Be your weirdest self. Be your most curious self. You don’t need to “get it right.” Be honest, be creative, and make some time to journal. Be present with your thoughts and emotions while you are spending time with your journal. This is quality self-care time.

Great article giving you some types of journaling. You can stick with one style on one book or combine techniques to create your own style. Also included are some prompts to help you get started.

My new Journal

I have not been someone who journals. Or at least what I think as journaling. And it’s definitely not a daily practice. I do lots of writing and compiling on paper. I work through many things, break down readings, and work through theories and ideas on paper. I have never considered it journaling. Maybe it is.

I have recently begun going through the notes I have and compiling them in my new journal. It is a collection of spiritual resources, research, poems, diagrams, recipes, and some art. A grimoire of my spiritual journey.

Junk Journal by Shelley Rose May

_____________________________ “A grimoire or book of spells is a textbook of magic, typically including instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets, how to perform magical spells, charms, and divination, and how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, deities, and demons.” Wikipedia. _____________________________

My own sacred text of my spiritual journey is more accurate. The journey home deep within. I haven’t quite decided what will be included. Slowly, I am working on it. I am in no rush at all. It will be my “great work” as it is called in Alchemy and Esoteric literature.

There are many types of journals. Which are listed in the article I included above. You can definitely use your imagination. A diary from pre-teen and the teenage years definitely could be considered a journal. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, plans, goals, etc. There is just something about “getting it out” on paper that creates a certain feeling of letting things go.

When I went on my little adventure and ended up on Malcolm Island, I spent a day going through all the notebooks I had packed in the van with me. I lit a fire in the potbelly stove and burned most of it. All my writing over the years. Ther is also something to be said for burning what you have written. Fire is cleansing, intentional, and to me, another symbol of letting go and making space for something new. Setting an intention to make room. To open up your world to new experiences.

I think it was not long after burning my writing when I decided and felt that it was time for me to head back to Alberta. British Columbia had been a magical adventure for me. Spending the time by the ocean, living at a horse sanctuary run by a Buddhist nun was amazing. There was so much healing. So much learning. The time with the horses and the ability to talk Buddhist philosophy with a Geshe every day was awesome! It’s simply amazing how many “spiritual” ideas are rooted in thousands of years old Buddhist concepts.

As I said, there are no rules for journaling. It’s completely up to you. Be creative and have fun. Different color pens, paint, stickers, collages, and writing. It’s all up to you. Another great article I found while researching.


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