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Mystical Experiences

I have had a very exciting week. It has been filled with unique conversations and synchronicities. I heard a conversation on the radio about sensory deprivation tanks. It reminded me of my own float experiences from a few years ago. I called and booked a float that afternoon. I talked to a few co-workers about float experiences as well to see if they had tried it. And with Halloween 🎃 recently I have been hearing a lot of ghost stories and superstitions, really they are mystical experiences. They all prompted some personal reflection and exploration on beliefs.

The veil is quite thin at this time of year. Last week a friend and I went to a Samhain/Halloween celebration and participated in a Samhain ritual/meditation to celebrate our ancestors. It was a very beautiful ceremony lead by a woman who had the energy of a viking priestess. (The only way I can explain it) I wrote the names of deceased ancestors on a small paper and added them to the alter in the center of the circle of chairs. After the meditation we were told there were small bundles of tobacco offerings and we could take one to make our own offer of gratitude to the earth and our ancestors. I collected my paper I had written the names on and a small bundle of tobacco and headed outside to the fires. Sat and gave thanks for the offering, the experience, to my ancestors and added the paper and bundle to the fire.

Meditation Pyramid

This week I created a new top peice for the copper pyramid I had built after having a flash of insight. I had been struggling with the resin and setting the copper caps in the resin. The caps were not sitting in the correct position during that resin pour. Crazy glue!!! 🤪 It held the caps in place, didn’t screw with the resin and I was easily able to do the final pours. I had purchased some small quartz points and some small semi precious stone chips for the new top pyramid. I build a grid within each of the layers of resin. The energy is very gentle and beautiful when relaxing in the pyramid.

New pyramid with built-in grid

Most often people say “I will believe it, when I see it.” I remember hearing early on in my own spiritual journey that in spiritual life “You will see it, when you believe it’s possible.” Being open to the possibility is the key to mystical experiences. When I say mystical experiences, I’m talking about just about anything that could be considered synchronicity, magical, out of the ordinary, anything off the beaten path of traditional exoteric teaching. (exoteric – intended for or likely to be understood by the general public)

My one coworker mentioned that a friend had been wanting them to go have a float experience. He asked if I had a psychedelic experience or had visions. I told him that it doesn’t usually happen the first time cause you are getting used to the new environment and it took me half the time to get settled in. Then it was over. (The same thing happened when I went back after 3 years) I spent time getting reacquainted with being in the tank before I settled in. The experience was enjoyable when I adjusted to the environment. Here is the link to the benefits of the experience. This is the local place I have been quite a few times.

Reflecting has brought me to a renewed understanding of beliefs. Also, a depth of understanding or conscious awareness of a concept I had been tossing around.

Jasper with some heavy duty energy!

During the beginning of the spiritual journey we are opening up to all kinds of new experiences and ways of looking at things. So, there is child like wonder behind everything new we are doing. We see and experience the magic all around, much like when we are children. Then, at some point in the journey we shift our focus to mindfulness, living in the now. Which, may or may not take up all our time and we see the synchronicity not as magic but as normal. When we begin to develop our physical, mental and emotional awareness, we may tend to look at our beliefs. We may shift to within, rather than the outer world. ( this can cause loneliness and isolation) Beginning to access our internal magic, other that looking for the external stimulation. We begin to trust our own GPS or intuition. We begin to dismantle beliefs we held about ourselves and life, learned behavior from our family. We start to understand how powerful our mind and thoughts are about what we experience in life. We see others as mirrors, showing us beliefs or patterns we need to look at within ourselves or they might just be showing you how you used to be.

Anyone who follows me on Facebook saw that I broke a mirror about a week and a half ago.

Contribution to the reflecting

I am helping a friend with her practical in a course she is taking. She took me through a visualization/meditation. I really enjoyed this experience. I had a little cry. It was indeed part of remembering the magic. It showed me the joy that I experience and what it is that creates that magic or joy for me. I am grateful to be where I am, both in the physical world and in my spiritual life. Thank you for that realization! Don’t get me wrong I am not peaceful, joyous and heavenly 100% of the time! I’m not even sure that is possible on this planet. I do my best. I take one day at a time. Baby steps.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

(Articles always seem like chaos to me. I feel like I am all over the place. Maybe, more articles with a deeper exploration of each idea may be necessary)

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